Friday, November 6, 2009

42nd St - Work it out bw Afraid of the dark

Brisbane band Ups and Downs are well enough known,
one of the best to come out of here , but few know of
the band that they came out of, 42nd St.

Brothers Greg and Darren Atkinson got their start in late 1970s
power pop band 42nd Street. Ken Allen (guitar) and Neil Coombe
(guitar) completed the line-up.
42nd Street issued one single, Work It Out, on the Virgo Seven
label in 1979 and also contributed a track called
Mistaken Identity
to radio station 4IP's various artists
compilation album,
That's Queensland.
42nd Street made little impact beyond the Brisbane scene and in
the Atkinson brothers formed Ups and Downs as a
three-piece band with
Peter Hamilton-Shaw (guitar)
joining soon after to round out the sound.

Thanks to Chuck and his amazing record collection for this rare treat

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