Thursday, November 19, 2009

LouisTillet - studio22

Chuck has come up with a wonderful post yet again,
this time a post sure to excite LouisTillet, thinking
of you John and if you haven't a clue who he is then
download this cause he is fantastic.
Studio 22 was a music program here on ABC.
Thanks Chuck.

Louis Tillett
Thursday 5 August 1999
Presented by Annette Shun Wah

louis Born in Sydney in 1959,
Louis Tillett with his resounding vocals,
distinctive piano technique and songwriting skills
has played in numerous bands including Wet Taxis,
No Dance, Paris Green and The Aspersion Caste.
He has also worked as a backing musician with Catfish
(Don Walker), Ed Kuepper, The New Christs, and Tex Perkins.

Louis Tillett - Vocals, keyboard
Charlie Owen - Guitar
Di Spence - Saxophone
Jim Dickson - Bass
Nick Fisher - Drums
Ben Gurton - Trombone
Stewart Kirwan - Trumpet

Midnight Witch
An Ancient Song
Sailors' Dream
Feeling Free

Download Here


Unknown said...


if you are curious,
here's a french band :

morning favorites

I love these guys

bob nebe said...

thanks edie-lou I shall give them a listen

exilestreet said...

This is superb, will grab it tonight!

Unknown said...

abc production bob... not sbs.

some of these shows get repeated on abc2 from time to time but sadly never full seasons.

bob nebe said...

opps old age memory loss there

John said...

Looking forward to this. Cheers to chuck and of course you too Bob.

Unknown said...

wet taxis single here

and some other nice aus stuff