Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lovs e Blur - Cooking with George tracks

3 tracks that Loves e Blur did for the Cooking with George
compilations. This was on the 2nd and last of the series a
JJ project. Brisbane's excellent Skel-E-Tones made it on the first.
Must post some Skel-E-Tones, but more Lovs e Blur first.

01 Stab Stab
02 A Whisper Away
03 Oh My God

Download Here


Unknown said...

wahooo !! U DA MAN!

thanks bob

bob nebe said...

LOL chuck,
wait to you see the rest

Unknown said...

more ?? ¿¿

when where how !

this is the best 15meg ive dloaded all day ! maybe even all week !!!

i havent heard stab,stab for years

why the fuk didnt these ppl become bigger than jesus ? Is there no justice in the world of music !!

bob nebe said...

No Justice chuck,
I wish I had of seen them live, wait till you hear the live recording

DJ Human Jukebox said...

Any chance of a reupload?

bob nebe said...

Back up!