Monday, November 30, 2009

Cubbyhouse Fanzine and Cassette "What We Did On Our Holidays"

A rare piece on Brisbanes music history,
a do it yourself fanzine and a cassette with
some very rare Brisbane recordings.
The Dumdums on the first track was none
other than Tex Perkins and his first band.
Pork a legendy band that incited both rapturous
joy and intense dislike.
My Tangled Shoelaces were a fantastic, wimisical bunch
of kids whome went on to become Wonderous Fair,
my personal favourites.
And This Five Minutes an excellent band that were also
a fav of mine. Chuck discovered a long dead post on the
blog that started me off blogging,
asked me if I had the said recordings
and found somehow in his attic a long forgotten copy of
the original fanzine that was sold with these recordings.
Bazzil from prehistoric sounds did the original digitaliztion
of this casstte.
Thanks to Baz and Chuck for all of this.

Heres what Chuck has to say

long b4 there was desktop publishing apps there was the
prehistoric photocopier and some scissors....
not the flashest fanzine ive ever seen but a very interesting
piece of brisbane music history i think...
now finally completed for me, with bob's and bazzill's help
with the audio component i had long given up hope of ever
tracking down.

Track List
01 - The Dum Dums - Voodoo Doll
02 - Pork - In
03 - Tangled Shoelaces - On The Sea
04 - Tangled Shoelaces - You Can Come Too
05 - This Five Minutes - To Sir With Love
06 - This Five Minutes - One To Ten
07 - Des Johnson - Never Home
08 - Tea For Two - Solid Instrumental

Download Cassette Here

Download Fanzine Here


Donat said...

The legendary Peter Macpherson did these zines. Cubbyhouse lasted about three or so copies (will have to check), and was also a record label that released a clutch of cassettes and 45s. Peter of course was a member of the Pits and not only an avid zine maker, but also a noted Super 8 filmmaker. Interesting thing about this particular issue of Cubbyhouse is Greg Perkins's prophesies. The guy had ambition from day one to be who he is now for better or worse.

bob nebe said...

Donat as always you show why you are Brisbanes resident music historian,
greg has indeed been quiet successful in getting the tex brand out there, no more ladyboyz I hope however

Richard Field said...

I used to share a house with Tony Moore from T5M, and was in a prototype version of DogFishCatBird before being found out as a terrible clarinet player.
I found them their drummer Peter Lightbody. From memory The early Dum Dums had a connection to This 5Minutes through Ian Waddley who played in the Dum Dums (aged about 15), T5M then DFCB.

Having found your blog on The End, I contacted my mate Murray Davis in China (who played keyboards). He remembers that old photo in the scout hall being taken.

bob nebe said...

Thanks Richard great to have your input

Anonymous said...


Could you please repost the links for the 'What we did on our holidays tape'