Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lovs E Blur - In My Head / No Way

When I think of bands from Brisbane that should have made it
big, but didn't then these guys are at the forefront.
Lovs E Blur had an incredible, original sound and to this day
loyal fanatics. Wendy's vocals and jazz leanings unlike anything
else of the time and some excellent musicians.

Some of these guys went on to another band that should have
made it, The Five Hanks.
Wendy also sang with the Pineapples and Coogee is these days
in Disgraceland.
Lovs e Blur recorded some songs that were released on one of
the Cooking with George compilations and a live tape I think.
This recording and artwork comes to us thanks to Chuck.

Download Here


Unknown said...


ive only ever had the first boxed set.. thanks for inspiring this search bob ;)

Unknown said...

dang.. old link for just the lovs e blur stuff is dead.. :((

any chance u grabed it and can repost here bob ?

bob nebe said...

I shall Chuck and anything else I can find.