Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fear Of Falling - Welcome To Wonderland

Many have been waiting for some fear of falling stuff,
so here it is, their 1991 cd Welcome to Wonderland.
Not a lot on the net about these guys so I'm hoping
you the readers can fill in the gaps.
Pig City the book mentions that they had 2 singles
in 1990 Your Place and For the Tourist.
This album followed in 1991.
Now I need some cover art,
Many thanks to David for this rip and Dave if you
have the cover please send a link.

Track List
01 - Watching The World Go By
02 - Crossroads Of Reality
03 - For The Tourist
04 - Candy
05 - Steamtrain Of Youth
06 - Your Place
07 - Black and White
08 - Butler To Your Masquerade
09 - Manic
10 - Hand In Hand
11 - Answering

Download Here


Bobby said...

Thanks for making this available. I've been trying to track down some Fear Of Falling for some time.


bob nebe said...

I think you and a few others enjoy

Zarquon said...

I remember seeing a video for 'Crossroads of Reality' on Rage years ago.

electric sound of jim said...

This is a really good album. I was a huge fan of this band at the time, I had the red vinyl LP with t-shirt, though both seem to have gotten lost over the years. I managed to find a second hand copy of this CD a few years back. They had four 45s in addition to the LP - 'butler to your masquerade' and 'crossroads of reality' as well as the two you mention above. 'for the tourist' had a great b-side that wasn't included on the album, too.

The guitarist Neil Coombe now runs a successful studio "The White Room".

If i can track down my copy of the CD quickly i'll scan up the cover..