Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lovs e Blur - 6 last tracks

One single, a cassette and these 6 tracks are all I can find from
this fabulous band which hailed some 15 mins drive from me in
the now day yuppie suburb of Sandgate.
The same place a few years earlier had spawned the Leftovers,
Brisbane's answer to the Sex Pistols.
Many thanks to Kenneth, Lovs biggest groupie for all this

These tracks include

Alice D, Their best track which should have been a single,
Behind the Banana Curtain CD (1984)

Paranoia, which was a demo,
recorded from 4ZZZ-FM (1984)

Cruel Cruel Man,(another fantastic song)
Queensland in Quarantine cassette tape (1984)

a small interview,
recorded from 4ZZZ-FM (1985)

a 4ZzZ promo for a amyls nightspace gig
recorded from 4ZZZ-FM (1984)

and 29 mins of live Lovs e Blur
Cruel Cruel Man / In the Gutters / Tribal Beat /
Out of Tune / Alice D. - cuts off / Broken Doll /
In My Head"
- excerpts from their debut performance
- Live at The Hacienda Hotel,
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
recorded from 4ZZZ-FM

Which begins with Wendy asking

"Do you feel like a bit of sleeze now"

Oh yes indeed

Lovs e Blur were

Wendy Seary - Vocals

Tony Von Wieldt - Guitar
Brett Cheney - Bass
Coojee Timms - Drums

Download Here


Unknown said...

you hold out bitch !!
Ive been sending u stuff for nearly a year now and never a whisper about this gem !!!

all will be forgiven when that tease "dload soon" hotspot leads me to the gold :D

{chuck says 30 "all hail the blog" and counts off the rosary beads}

bob nebe said...


Uploading now its says 20mins to go,
I didnt think about uploading this I thought only me and Ken remembered them.
I think all this stuff came from ken originally.
It was all up on a blog called
They called it good at the time,
which was the blog that started me blogging.

Unknown said...

so all this time ive been hailing the wrong blog ???

bob nebe said...

Long gone now, but it was good

Unknown said...

the way back machine only shows a few pages....

looked like a nice place to visit.
another dead blog gone but not forgotten ....

bob nebe said...

Yep thats the one it, I sent john stuff for a long time before I started SSS,
the download is up now let me know what you think chuck

Unknown said...

I say again... how is it that these ppl never became bigger than jesus !

the live stuff is great.. and by Mr K reports was the first gig ....

sadly i never saw them live or maybe i did.. i always got lovs e blur and xero confused... i remember a go-be gig at easts leagues club in mid eighties.. geoff kelly got up and played sax.. he was promotions person at zzz at the time and he fuken wailed ! memories fade from then on... the Go-be set was excellent- i do remember that !
a very happy chuck today thanks to the blog and Mr K

original post survives thanks to the way back machine and wortha read

Anonymous said...

I pop back into SSS after being absent for a long time and what do I find? My Lovs é Blur mega repost from John's fabulous old blog! Fantastic that all this is seeing the light of day again ... well I think so anyway and obviously Chuck thinks so too! Not sure what the band may think about it, though ...

Anyway ... a few more Lovs related goodies :

1. An A3 size collage (300 dpi so its good print quality) I put together from photos I took at a gig at The Roxy all those years ago

2. A band poster (v small image unfortunately) I put together and used for some of their early gigs. This is now archived in the State Library of Queensland and was exhibited in the Zootopia : posters from the urban jungle exhibition at QCA.

3. Tragic fanboy I am, I decided sometime ago to design a CD cover (front+back tray) which put together all these stunning Lovs é Blur audio things over 2 cds. Again, 300 dpi so its good to print.


bob nebe said...

Ken I knew you would pop in and be able to add more to this,
thanks for all the wonderful artwork

Unknown said...



Johnboy said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting blog you have here. Thank you for your efforts.

Any chance of a re-up??


bob nebe said...

Back Up Nathan

Shane said...

Any chance of a reupload please?

bob nebe said...

Back up

Anonymous said...

Good stuff..... chances of a reupload?