Sunday, August 1, 2010

Swiss National Day

An unusual post today and a bit of an announcement to all
who follow this blog.
Today is Switzerland's national day and my Swiss fiancé
Carmen decided it was time I had some cultural education.
It was a nice afternoon on a wonderfully warm and sunny
winters day, I can't say I'm terribly better educated on
all thing Swiss, but I do love an accordion mainly because
of the Argentinian tango connection!

I do enjoy folk culture of course and it was lovely display.
There was Swiss food, music and tradition dress all on display.
Not my usual fare on this blog however, but it does lead
into the announcement that My wedding is fast approaching
and after that We shall be honeymooning for 6 weeks in
Europe. We shall be travelling in Switzerland, Germany,
France and going to Venice in Italy.

Switzerland is under control, and We're planning to visit
Berlin and Paris. So I'm throwing it open to you the readers
for any ideas or advice on where to go, what to see, or
anything. Of course we only have 6 weeks so We can't do
everything, but any advice will be gratefully received.
I now this blog has a large European readership.
So happy Swiss day and I look forward to your comments!

While I'm away I'll be giving Chuck the keys to the blog,
He'll be keeping the blog rolling and I shall have full
mobile internet capacity on our new 3G Ipad.


Anonymous said...

Thank you honey, I love this post xox

John said...

Congrats Bob to your good self and Carmen your bride to be. Have a great honeymoon. IMO Paris is one hell of a place. Been there a few times and never want to leave. Just has my type of vibe. Do go to Palace of Versailles and take a private tour.

Garageland said...

if you plan to visit freiburg let me know. you're welcome

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hey John, just the sort of tips Im after, thanks.
Garageland thanks for your kind offer, I shall have to look it up,
Germany looks like a big place

Duncan said...


I'm sure you'll have plenty to do in Switzerland, but if you are in Zurich between 6 and 10 September, I'd love to buy you a drink, as a thanks for all I've enjoyed out of here.

Mona said...

Paris is the most romantic city in the world! Especially like the steps leading up to Sacré Cœur!
Man I is jealous - wish you cld smuggle me in yr luggage LOL!
You may like the post punk Oz post up today at 'Exile' btw...
Congrats to you and Carmen if I haven't already said that...

John said...

No worries Bob. Coupla tips. Do go for sunset visits on both the Eiffel Tower and the Arc De Triomph. Seeing the sun set and the flashing camera lights as the people below take pics is something to savour. To eat on the Champs Elysee can be expensive but heck it is your honeymoon :-)
The Latin Quarters are outstanding to eat in and explore. Lots of choice. MountMarte I am told is not what it one was but I loved it all the same. As well as the view from the Sacre Coeur and the artists there is a Picasso Museum that is great and just below MountMarte is the Merlon Rouge and the red Light District. Great place to explore and watch the sites and people. The Louvre is just fantastic and half a day does it no justice. The buskers in Paris are the best I have seen. Coming across a brilliant String Quartet from Korea in the Metro is mind blowing and look out for the African peddlers who are every where. The locals may not be too keen on them but they are part of the attraction for mine. The Metro is cheap and very easy to use. I strongly recommend it but it does finish at about 1.00am so don't be too far away from your digs.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks again John great stuff, I shall look into it, thanks Mona you would have to join my boys who also want to be smuggled in my backpack!
Thanks Duncan, do you live there or are you traveling too?

Duncan said...

Hi Bob,

apologies for the slow response. I live in the UK but am due to be in Zurich for that week, as I work for a Swiss company.