Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prehistoric Sounds - The Models Article

This 1994 Prehistoric Sounds article of the Models details
their entire career from the beginning to the end.
A fasinating read.
Thanks Chuck for this scan.

Download Here


John said...

Cheers for this Bob and Chuck. I will be at the 3rd Kuepper Bailey gig so I may catch you there.

I ran into Lachlan the other day Bob. I am going to have to get to one of his gigs in the near future.

Warwick said...

Amazing read, in parts! Thanks for scanning and the upload!


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hey John check out their web site its the top one of my great places online link, the next is the 7th and they are back in the heart of west end.
I'm considering going so let me know

Roger said...

Thanks Chuck and Bob for this. It's strange but there is no decent website devoted to Models and Freud's boozy recollections didn't shed much on their history or even his time with them.

Anonymous said...

A great read! Thanks for posting this.