Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Apartments

The Apartments are one of my favorite bands,
both my all time fav song (The shyest time)
and my fav LP (When the Evening Visits)
come from the amazing back catalog that is
Peter Milton Walsh's legacy.
When I saw them play last year here in Brisbane,
something I never through I would see, it was
about a month before they played again at the
pig city festival , and it was the first time they
had played in Brisbane for round about 30 years.
I did see Peter and Amanda Brown play a spring livid
here around 1990, that was the closest I ever expected
to get to see this band.

The Apartments and Peters career time line.

The Apartments were created around Peter Milton Walsh
as lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter in Brisbane in
October 1978. Within a year, they had broken up.
Walsh also played in The Go-Betweens for a couple of weeks
in November/December 1978.
Once The Apartments had broken up they released their first EP
" Return of the Hypnotist."
Walsh then created Out of Nowhere, playing with them from
1981-1982, then left Australia to live in New York.
A year later, Ed Kuepper, in London and starting a
new Laughing Clowns asked Walsh to join the Clowns
for English, European and Australian tours
which followed, as well as an album "Law of Nature".
A year later, in 1984, Peter Milton Walsh began a
new Apartments, then left for England on a contract
with Rough Trade Records in 1985.
In London he started a European Apartments that included
English drummer, Nick Allum,
Welsh piano player Judy Anderson,
and German bass player Jürgen Hobbs.

Peter released his first Lp in 1985,
"When the evening ...visits And stays for years",
"Drift "was released in 1992,
"A life full of farewells "in 1995,
Fête Foraine in 1996,
and "Apart" in 1997.
They split some time after that,
not to return until last year.

So you can appreciate what the band sound and look like live
heres a video of them doing "Thank you for making me beg"
From the Sydney show,
The Vanguard, 20th December 2007


Anonymous said...


just saw your pst on the Apartments forum. I'm sure I left a comment here to tell you I was putting a link there.

Thanks again for the Out Of Nowhere single. I just put up the Ed Kuepper show from ATP last April on Dimeadozen. If you like I can convert to MP3 and put it up on a fileshare site.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks duckdogtwo, I'm heading over to dime now
ciao bob

Danny said...

Thanks for another exquisite choice of music.

The Sunset Hotel EP was the only Apartments record I hadn't heard in full. "Every Day Will Be New" is an amazing song and it's nice to hear some alternative versions of familiar songs.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Danny,I think amazing in an adjective that fits so well when talking about this band
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hi again

I taped the Melbourne show at the Northcote Social Club. You can still get it here:

and the info here:


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Fantastic work duckdog two, is that the same one that was on dimeadozen last year, if not I must download it again
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Ok I looked at your link for the info after posting that and see its the same one, thanks again, its a shame
only one of these gigs ever made the light of day.There was a video recording last Saturday night but I doubt that will make the light of day.
ciao bob

William said...

The Apartments are one of my favorite bands as well...I know of no one else here in the US who has even heard of them. I never tire of Life Full of Farwells. I just wrote a little piece on them in my own blog. Cheers.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

That is an excellent piece and a great blog you have going William.

Mona said...

That link to the Northcote gig is still active and somewhere I think I may have still have some photos I took that night. Maybe you wanna do a post?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Sure Mona some photos and your recollections of the night would make for a fine post,
I wish they would play again.

Alex said...

Hi All!! Does anybody know a link for their album "A Life Full of Farewells"? I can't seem to find it anywhere! Thanks, Alex

Dusty said...

Hi Bob- would really love if you could re-upload any apartments you have- early singles/albums?

Unknown said...

Hello there,

You probably know there is a new Apartments albums coming soon (April)? It's called "No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal". It can be preordered through the label website,, with various editions.
Here is the link : The Apartments