Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ed Kuepper - With a Knapsack on my back

This is a great album, recorded live in Germany
for radio NDR in Hamburg.
Ed tells it like this on the CD inside.

This album was recorded live to a
2 track during my 1997 solo tour.

It captures the spirit of the shows pretty well
(though I did edit out my numerous a sides
and witticisms for reasons
of space and to avoid
being confused with Woody Allen or someone)

and thats easier said than done.

I saw this tour at what was called :"Van Gogh's ear lobe" at South
Brisbane. Just Ed his strat ,VG8 and blues style beat box,
its a wooden box you put your foot up on while sitting down, its
miked and you beat your foot on it. Theres plenty of the old Ed
magic on this disc, its stripped down as far as it should go,
Ed and his guitar. Listen to this and tell me of a more inventive,
technically proficient, guitar player in Australia or anywhere
else for that matter. Sometimes his guitar sounds like an organ
like on "Eternally yours" distorted electric like sleepy head,
like nothing you've heard before like"Weeping willow",
12 string electric like on "I'm with you",
a big bass rubber band like on "La di dah",
or a blues acoustic slide dobro like on "I'd rather be the devil"
You never get bored and bare in mind this is all on the same
guitar.The man's a genius and this is a great album to get a
feel for that genius and I can tell you he programed all these
guitar sounds himself cause the stock
Roland ones are pretty lame.

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mialee said...

Starting to repeat myself in my appraisal of this bog - Brilliant.
Now get yourself over to dimeadozen to download Ed Kuepper and the Kowalski Collective live in Perth. Saw him a month earlier in Melbourne and was equally impressed and am amazed with the review posted in one of the street mags that suggested that a number of people walked out after the first set due to a lack of interest. What a miss-guided review that one was. Also if your interested I can post the flyer for this show.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I saw Ed Kuepper and the Kowalski Collective late last year for the release of Jean Lea and can only agree, but with former Sunnyboy Peter Oxley on bass and Jeff Wegener drumming what can you expect. That night he played through highlites
of his large back catalog and then the entire new album start to finish.
Thanks for the heads up for the torrent I'm heading over there now and the flyer I'd sure like to see that.
ciao bob

mialee said...

Copy of the flyer:

Bottlelow said...

Great posting Bob - anything by Ed is really appreciated.

Is there any chance someone could provide a link to the Perth show ~ I'm being stalked really heavily by a sociopath down the road ~ my heads a bit of a mess and I can't work dimeadozen out!! Thanks.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Bugger Bottlelow,I hate sociopaths, I'll put it up for ya soon as i can.
ciao bob

Bottlelow said...

Buggers right Bob in more ways than one, they really are bad bad news. He's outside my window right now about 5 feet away ~ just completely obsessed with me his behavior is really hard to believe. Glad to hear you'll post the show Bob I'm super keen to give it a listen. I've been enjoying your write ups on all the different posts ~ Thanks.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

All uploaded bottlelow, hope your
problems improve
ciao bob