Saturday, March 8, 2008

Brisbane sound concert 2

Well I've just got home from the 2nd night of the
Brisbane sound exhibition, having given the first,
more art driven 1st night a miss.

This is the nights entertainment.

Curated by Robert Forster
Trevor Ludlow and The Hellraisers
Robert Forster and Adele Pickvance
Adults Today
The Apartments

The Hellraisers up first are a 3 piece band with whom I was unfamiliar.
They did a short, interesting set which got me in the mood.
Not wasting any time Robert and Adele came on stage, Rob playing
His sons small classical guitar for the 1st song before switching to his
acoustic and Adele on her big free standing bass played a wonderful
acoustic set of 6 songs.
Starting with a new song which isn't on the new album,
Bow down, When she sang about angels, Born to a family,
Here comes the city and finishing with German farmhouse.
Very enjoyable, but far to short.
Robert came back to introduce the next band, Adults today.
Another band I was unfamiliar with, Turns out this
band that Rob described as a true cult band who played
a few gigs in the early 90's which had become the stuff
of legends, was Glenn Thompson's band.
Glen lead singer and guitarist for this band
(the go-betweens final drummer for those who don't know)
put on a blinding performance.These guys were fantastic,
I'd love to have anything recorded by them.
They finished of with Custards "Music is crap", which by a strange
coincidence I had referred to the day before in a private joke with
the wife. After this amazing show I settled into a fantastic almost
on the stage seat for the apartments.
The Apartments are an amazing band to see, theres this buzz,
people can't wipe the smiles of their faces. The band was the
same one I saw last year, only they are playing even better
and 10 out of 10 to the soundman, the sound was superb.
Tighter, more familiar with each other, they play well over
an hour and came back for an encore which included the
Monkey's "Daydream believer " and a song I'm positive
isn't recorded. Highlights included, "The goodbye train",
"On every corner", "Something to live for",
"Knowing you were loved","Things You'll Keep",
"Not Every Clown Can Be In The Circus",
"The Failure Of Love Is A Brick Wall" and the Brilliant
-"Everything Is Given To Be Taken Away."
Which included the long story of the girl who inspired it.
Quite talkative Peter told us about some advice Dave Graney
gave to him last year. After telling him nobody knows anything
about you, (encouragement He has its in spades, Peter says)
You didn't play a gig in Australia for ten years,
then you didn't play at all for ten years, Well thats only 20
years Peter says. Dave suggests it might be a good
idea to tell people a bit about your songs.
So Peter told us that he would be doing a bit of that tonight.
Which He did telling us some quite funny and long stories.
All in all a brilliant night and a brilliant performance from
the Apartments and I must of been sitting next to the
biggest Apartment fan, She sang along to every thing and
had a grin ear to ear the whole time. Robert came out to
watch and also in the crowd watching was Jeffrey Wegener.
All we needed was Ed and a laughing clowns reunion
could have been on, oh well theres always tomorrow night.

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