Friday, March 28, 2008

Chris Bailey and the General Dog - Bone Box

"For a lot of the tracks, I just banged out the tunes," Chris says.
"I didn't use headphones or a vocal booth, didn't use monitoring,
I just sat down with a guitar and a microphone above my head
and tried to be primitive in a funny sort of way."

"I've always maintained there's a thousand ways to play every song
but it's not often you get the opportunity to revisit them like this.
The whole mindset was that we were a bunch of teens
and this was the first time we'd ever made a record.
I don't mean to pun, but it was a very liberating experience."

Recorded in Amsterdam in 2005, Bone box is a collection of 14 tracks
winding a rewarding journey through Chris Bailey's musical legacy.
Chris Bailey is argumentatively one of this countries greatest
songwriters, blessed with perhaps the best blues singing voice
and a fine feel for blues and roots, he is my favorite Australian
artist.If your a bit unfamiliar with the man and his music,
have a listen to this hard to get but brilliant collection.
Stripped down and often acoustic these songs are transformed.

"I'm Stranded" becomes has an acoustic sitting in the lounge room
type feel, where I can understand all the lyrics.
You can hear the rock and roll influence.
"No time" is fantastic, I hear Ed used to listen to a bit of Status Quo
back then, Chris gives this a wonderful blues rock feel.
"Lets Pretend" always was one of my fav's, it becomes a beautiful
ballad here. "In the mirror" is up tempo and transformed into a
new song, complete with wonderful backing vocals.
"All Fools day" is sublime, another example of Chris's genius
ability to write a perfect song capturing the moment and
a wonderful vocal performance.
I have a special affinity for this song as the day in question
is my birthday.
"Maria Antoinette" is just a perfect pop song, have a listen
to this if your still not convinced, Chris has an excellent
feel for song structure.
"Imagination" is another wonderful pop song given the
stripped down treatment.
"Grain of sand" is a stand out track, rollicking along, just
a simple but very effective song.
"This Perfect Day" becomes a haunting, classical guitar
ballad, almost Spanish sounding.
"Misunderstood" is given the electric blues treatment,
transforming the song from the Eternally Yours version.
"Nights in Venice" is completely transformed,with help
from the Arabic strings of Sanhand Sahebdivan it becomes
a dark ballad, as intense as the original.
"Know your product" is now a steel string acoustic blues
ballad, if you can believe that could be possible.
"Ghost Ships" Chris's greatest song the ode to his
lost youth, so much more relevant to me these days,
is just Chris on guitar and a drone that could be a didgeridoo.
"Casablanca" the dark ballad from the Out of the Jungle
LP is a little up tempo, and much improved.
Finally "Just Like Fire Would" the only song many
Australians know of Chris's, is stripped down and laid
back, a wonderful rock song.
All in all a wonderful showcase of the talent of Mr Bailey.

"I've never been overly nostalgic however when approached
to be involved in this project my immediate reaction
betrays the Aussie influence that still has a hold on me:

"Oh Yeah; I'll give it a go."
Whether or not this hasty reaction has proven successful or
not is up to you dear listener?

The tunes contained herein are culled mainly
from the work of The Saints

Eternally Yours"
Chris Bailey
Amsterdam 2005

Track list

  1. I'm Stranded
  2. No Time
  3. Let's Pretend
  4. In the Mirror
  5. All Fools Day
  6. Marie Antoinette
  7. Love or Imagination
  8. Grain of Sand
  9. This Perfect Day
  10. I'm Misunderstood
  11. Nights in Venice
  12. Know Your Product
  13. Ghost Ships
  14. Casablanca
  15. Just like Fire would
Download Here


mialee said...

I once experienced what I would term an asshole of a performer many years ago who promptly abused a handfull of fans who had payed to see him perform at a pub in my home town. He then informed us that he was to take a short break from what had already been a short set and disapeared into the night, never to be seen again. Well I have seen the Saints play the first time round and I have a good selection of their music but to this day I regret the night I walked up to the pub to see Chris Bailey play his guitar.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Oh dear that would qualify as a very unfortunate experience.
I've seen Bailey play so many times over the years, he still remains one of the few of my fav Australian artists that I've never met, however I can say I've seen him be what you could call rude a few times and he has a habit of making odd, sarcastic comments to keep himself amused.
I can't say I've seen him do a short set, I'd say he enjoys the attention mostly and I've seen him play for almost 2 hrs once.
Do you mean you saw the original Saints play back in the late 70's, if so your a lucky man
ciao bob

mialee said...

Lucky man hey..
Not really as I can't remember it at all except for my mate saying that we had. Those Bloody drugs! or long term memory loss associated with those Bloody drugs.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I saw the the Clash when they played at Cloudland here in Brisbane when I was about 17. My first proper concert and I was completely straight so I can remember it too, so i wouldn't be all that happy if I couldn't remember something as historic as that
ciao bob

geololo said...

I've been a Saints fan for the moment I listended to the "Prehistoric sounds" lp. Chris Bailey is and will always be one of my favourite singer/songwriter. I basically love the voice of this guy. And u know what: I am living in Corsica, "small" french island in the Meditterranean sea, a place where you should have no chances to see the Saints in concert, at any time. But that happened: the band currently tours in Europe and landed in my small island, for an unknown reason, played in quite a small town by the sea where the world "rock" doesn't even exist (Corsica is also famous in France for traditional a capella chants, beautiful but not rock for sure!!). Guess what happened: I live a in a small village in the mountains, in the center of the island (one hour far of the concert place by car) and I was trapped at home because of the snow falls. That's a real tragedy...

Well, to get consolation, I would love to hear that Bailey album I do not know. The zshare link doesn't work, download actually doesn't start as indicated, that happens sometimes with zshare. Would you kindly upload the file somewhere else? Thank you very much !

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Geololo that is quiet a story and you don't need that tragic a story to get a re up round here. Sounds like a fantastic place where you live, I just googled Corsica and indeed it is. I think i need a holiday there.
The album is back up, enjoy its very very good, esp for a Chris Bailey fan. You will find all the original zshare link disappeared they shut down for maintenance one weekend and magically nothing worked, so if your after someone that hasn't been re up ask away.
There's a very rare Chris Bailey solo record here that I reuped recently and a bit more Saints.
ciao bob

Wildean said...

I'm hooked on Chris Bailey's voice. It's great to hear different versions of these songs.
Brilliant !

Anonymous said...

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