Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Saints - Paralytic Tonight, Dublin Tomorrow

For Chris Bailey the Saints implosion in 1979 was the start of the
next phase in his career, reforming the Saints in London he
took off in an entirely different direction to Ed.
Not as quick off the mark as Ed, but without wasting too
much time. this Ep is a testimony to his massive talent.

The Australian version was released as a 7 in Ep,
without "Miss Wonderful"
and The brand new French label New Rose released
it as a 12 in Ep including the track.
It was the first release on that label.
The scans here are from the Lost Records Australian version.
I have both of course, I'm an old Chris Bailey fan.
The songs are simply Wonderful, gone are the complex
arrangements, the jazz instrumentation
and we are left with straight down the line
rock. "Simple love" is simply one of Baileys greatest songs,
it had quite animpression on me when I was in high school.
"Roses "a beautiful guitar ballad,
"Miss Wonderful," a slower version that the one on monkey puzzle,
is nice and dirty rock. "On the waterfront" is a rollicking tune
complete with just a little sax,
but its on "Call it mine" Bailey shines, almost Jagger like
he delivers one of his best vocal performances.
This Ep showed the world the Saints were back with a vengeance.

Track List
01 - Simple Love
02 - (Don't Send Me) Roses
03 - Miss Wonderful
04 - On the Waterfront
05 - Call it Mine

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Newrace said...

Nice post Bob, I have this one too, a great classic

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I think you must have my kind of record collection new race
ciao bob

Newrace said...

That means we both have great taste in Music

jon said...

zshare no rules.can you re-up?great australiarock blog!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

back up

Moonmaid said...

Just one of my favorite records of the 80s. My French boyfriend left his New Rose EP at my apartment, and when we broke up, I kept it and all his other Saints albums!

Loved Don't Send Me Roses and Simple Love - especially that guitar intro.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

That sounds like a split that benefited you moonmaid, its amongst my favorite music and i love call it mine as well with bailey's finest vocal work at the time, giving mick jagger a run for his money