Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chris Bailey - Casablanca

For my 49th post we have a very special treat,
A Vinyl rip of an album I haven't seen anywhere on the net
Chris Bailey's 1st solo album.
Not to be confused with the Australian release of the
Saints "Out of the Jungle" Lp with was also called Casablanca.
This is a very rare record released in 1983 by the New Rose
label. Just Chris and his guitar, sometimes electric, sometimes
acoustic, its a delightful low budget record that exposes Bailey's
blues roots. Containing the first recordings of some later
released songs and some songs that were never recorded
again, of particular interest is the song
"Wait until Tomorrow"which is the first recording
of the song that would become "Ghost Ships"
The fantastic blues of "Insurance on me",
"Its Only Time"and "Junko Partner"
The wonderful love ballad that is "Look At me",
The haunting ballad "Why does it Make Me Feel This Way",
which is the first recording of the song "Photograph",
which was later, after the Saints released it,
covered by Mick Harvey.
Including the earliest recordings of the songs
"Rescue", "Curtains" and "Follow the Leader"
all later released on the Saints "Out of The Jungle"
this is well worth hearing and as a follow up from
the last post, a great companion.

Track List
1-Home Again

3-It's Only Time

4-Insurance On Me

5-Wait Until Tomorrow


7-Look at me

8-Junko Partner
9-Always the Same
10-Follow the Leader

11-Why Does It Make
Me Feel This Way
12-Country Boy

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Shame on me ! I'm french and this record has been realised on the french New Rose label but I've never, never heard about this album !
Can you re-up it, pleeeeease ?


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Christophe, I've re-uploaded the lp
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

I've got it now ! Thank you very much, Bob !


Mervyn said...

Bob, can you pleaaase upload this one again?
I'm a big Saints/Bailey fan and would love to take a listen.

That's a great blog you got!


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No prob Merv I'll have it back soon
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob for bringing this wonderful album back!
That is Bailey raw and pure, I love it!!!


Anonymous said...

thx +++
my lp is dead 8(
great help for listen at time


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this record. I have the vinyl but no material to rip it, and I've been serching it for a long time (sorry for the english, I'm french... ;))


Wildean said...

I fell in love with this album, had to listen to it twice in a row.
Thank you for sharing it.

It makes me feel weird to know I was born the same year Casablanca was released (1983).

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Makes me feel old Wildean, I was 19.

Wildean said...

Well, you had it better than me, you were able to hear these songs when they first came out.

I think I was born into the wrong time. You know, because there hasn't been that many new bands that were actually good during my time. (well, maybe I'm being a bit too harsh there. but in my opinion it's been years since i heard anything that didn't sound like a pale imitation of so-called classic rock)

Which is why I prefer to look back and listen to stuff that was released years ago.

I only got into Australian rock during the past summer.
It all started when I read a good review of Rowland S. Howard's 'Teenage Snuff Film' and got the album. I couldn't stop listening to it.
That made me curious to hear Boys Next Door -> The Birthday Party -> These Immortal Souls etc.

I also bought a bunch of books dealing with the Australian music scene, of which 'Inner City Sound' proved to be the most resourceful. I checked out Radio Birdman records and once I saw the Saints video for 'Stranded' my heart was signed off to Chris Bailey.

Your blog has been helpful in many ways. I like your personal introductions to all the albums you upload.

AussieRock said...

Hey Bob - nice blog with lots of Aussie goodies. Nice !

Any chance that you might be able to re-up this post mate? Pretty please....

Thanks in advance