Monday, March 17, 2008

James Freud - Step into the heat

Many thanks to New Race from over at the Ausroc forum for this
post. Following on from the Lethal Weapons and
the Teenage Radio Stars, heres James's 1989 solo record,
I have his 1980 "Breaking Silence"record with his band the
Radio Allstars which I will rip and post after Easter.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper,
August 31st 2003, James Freud was quoted saying:

"Once you have a hit record,
your life can never be the same again,
whether it's because you're rich and famous,
or lost in the past, living your life through your glory days,"

Beginning his music career in the late 1970s,
Freud is best known for his early solo career, which spawned the hit
"Modern Girl", and as one of two lead vocalists of the Australian
rock group Models from 1982-88. In 1985, Two Freud-penned hits,
"Barbados" and "Out of Mind, Out of Sight", took the Models
to numbers #2 and #1 on the Australian top-ten charts respectively.
In 1989, Freud went solo, releasing "Step into the Heat',
the most expensive album produced by the Mushroom Records
company up to that point. However, it was not successful,
a fact that Freud blamed in his autobiography on average songs.
He then teamed with Martin Plaza of Mental as Anything
as the dance group Beatfish, releasing an eponymous record in 1992.
n 1995, Freud canned his next solo album, "BigMouth",
but some of the material made its way onto the Hawaiian surf-themed
"Postcard from Hawaii" album released by Moondog,
of which Freud was the lead vocalist.
Others in Moondog included Phil Ceberano and Martin Plaza.
In 1999, he performed the song "One Tony Lockett"
at the Sydney Cricket Ground, and released "
Today's Legends of AFL football" as James Freud and the Reserves.

The James Freud time line.
1977, Freud and his school friend Sean Kelly
formed Teenage Radio Stars, a glam-punk band
with Freud on lead vocals and guitar.
They broke up the next year
and Freud formed James Freud and the Radio Allstars.
1980- The Radio Allstars signed with Mushroom label
and released their debut single, "Modern Girl," in and
the single reaches number 12 on the Australian national charts.
1980 – The Radio Allstars supported Gary Numan
during his Australian tour.
June 1980 - their debut album Breaking Silence released.
1980 - Freud invited to record an album in the
U.K., which was never released.
James Freud changes the band name to James Freud
and Berlin because a U.K. band was already called The Radio Stars.
March 1981- releases the single "Automatic crazy,"
produced by Gary Numan.
April 1981- Freud disbanded James Freud and Berlin.
1982 - Freud joined friend Sean Kelly's band
The Models after a trip to England.
1984 - James Freud was largely responsible for their successful album,
The pleasure of your company.
1985 - Freud's single “Out of mind out of sight” goes to number one,
while the album of the same name got to number two.
June 1988- The Models break up and Freud goes solo.
June 1989- “Step into the heat” was recorded in New York
and peaked nationally at number 16 in Australia.
Mushroom weren’t overly impressed,
as it was the most expensive album they ever made.
June 1989 -The single "Hurricane" peaked at number 15.
1990 - Freud spent the 90s playing bass in Kylie Minogue's touring band.
End of 1990- Freud combined with Mental as Anything's
Martin Plaza for the dance act Beatfish.
January 1996 - Another solo album, Big Mouth,was scrapped.
Writing and production work for TV commercials followed.
January 1996 - The single, "Postcard to Hawaii,"
was successfully released under the Moondog banner,
a new collaboration with guitarist Phil Ceberano.
Jan 1997 - Postcard to Hawaii album was released in January 1997
2002 – Freud leaves the music industry and studies script writing
Aug 2003 – Releases memoir I Am the Voice Left from Drinking

Download Here


Meggsy said...

Hi Bob, I enjoy reading your blog a great deal and was delighted to see this post but I have a question. I went to download and it doesn't have a file exstension ie rar or zip :0 Also does it need a pw?. Thanks heaps.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Meggsy, thanks for you kind words.
Sorry I didn't answer this sooner I've been away for easter and just got back. The file was uploaded by Newrace over at the ausrock forum, He uses a program called 7-zip which you can find here
Just download the .EXE file and install it and you can unzip the file.
I don't believe it will have a password.
Ive just had a look at you wonderful blog and I'm going to link to you.
let me know if theres any problems unzipping that file
ciao bob

Newrace said...

Meggsy, Winrar will unzip a 7zip file also no password...

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

now thats a tip newrace no need to download yet another program
ciao bob

Meggsy said...

Thanks heaps Bob & Newrace, winrar didn't like it much but I downloaded the 7-zip proggie anyways, it looks very interesting. Thanks again and thanks ever so much for the add Bob. :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

My pleasure(for the add)
ciao bob

Matt said...

Hi Bob,

Do you have "Breaking Silence" by Freud? Unfortunately I only have concert tapes - I would love to hear the studio versions.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Matt, I certainly do have breaking silence, the only problem is its on vinyl and I haven't ripped it yet, the good news is Ive been meaning to and you have spurred me closer to action.
ciao bob

Matt said...

thanks very much Bob :)

Nick said...

Any chance on getting the Breaking Silence LP? I'm dying to hear it!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Ok nick and matt, I'm on to it and should post it on the weekend
ciao bob

Elephteria said...

Interesting to know.

Warwick said...

Read the site every day! Love it. Not sure if you read these comments, but I'm desperate for a copy of the b-side to 'Automatic Crazy' - called 'While We Worship Oyxgen' - hey it was the 80s! :)

You know where I am... Thanks!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Warick, sorry I don't have that single, I will keep an eye out.
Thanks for the nice feedback.
And I do read all comments they are emailed to me first

d215293 said...

Hi Bob

I had Step into the Heat which was on cassette and unfortunately have lost it!

I have tried downloading at your link but it has been removed, any chance of uploading it again?

ALso i am looking for a decade of Aussie hits was an 80s 2LP set with James Freud, Paul Norton, The Church, Split enz, the Models, Angry Anderson. It was a manilla type colour with a red round 80s symbol in the middle

i have tried Mushroom music and also a few other sites and i cant seem to locate these albums that i used to own.