Monday, March 24, 2008

Paths of Pain to Jewels of Glory - Phantom Records Compilation

This 1983 Phantom Records compilation is perhaps the finest
Australian various artist compilation ever released in this
country.Phantom records was Sydney's greatest musical
icon in the early 80's.
Single after single of some of the best bands to be found
anywhere in Australia. With some of the best artwork to boot,
talking of which hows that sock on the cover,
its a sticker which I've never peeled back
so don't ask me whats underneath.

The bands on this , one of whom I've covered earlier (Flaming Hands)
are fantastic. Some you will know as they became, lets say successful
later. The Sunnyboys who's wonderful "Love to rule"off their first Ep
shows a band with all the promise later fulfilled.
The Flaming Hands and their J.Sullivan prototype The Passengers
are really, really good pop which should have made a bigger impact.
The Cockroaches are a really fun band which later morphed into
one of this countries biggest earning bands ever, I won't say who
see if anyone can guess.
I'll just say that they also are a really fun band.

And "Le Hoodgoo Gurus " who later dropped the "Le" to become the
"Hoodoo Gurus"after this their 1st single. Other notable bands include
"The Visitors",Denis Tek's band after the legendary "Radio Birdman"
and well all the rest cause they're all brilliant.
This record is a testament to a glorious chapter
in Sydney's proud musical heritage,
which almost is as good as Brisbane's
(just kidding).

Now lets hear some comments on these great bands,
I've got some other stuff to post on some of the individual bands.
And I'd love to hear from Sydney people who lived through
this period of time.

Download Here


Overhere said...

Hi Bob

Having a 5 yr old I'm pretty sure I know who the cockroaches morphed into. Actually looking forward to the Shy Impostors and the Kelpies myself.

I'll e-mail you next weekend with considered opinions on the other Bobby's latest musical offering

Thanks for keeping the quality coming

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

You got a 5 year old too,They are such fun, my after watching a rock band last Saturday night that he no longer wanted to be a paleontologist
when he grew up, he now wanted to be a singer in a band.
ciao bob

sawbird said...

Great great blog and a brilliant album. The Shy Impostors tracks are killers.
Under the sock is a bare foot - Jules Normington's (according to Jules).
Re. Five year olds - my 6 year old son really gets going to I'm Stranded. Thank goodness..

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks sawbird for your kind words and solving the sock mystery.
Thats funny you should say that about I'm Stranded cause my 3 year old was singing alone to a Bailey stripped down version of that song a couple of days ago, he thought he was very clever, so did I for that matter.
ciao bob

skids said...

another great compilation, thanks Bob ;-)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks skids, coming from a master blogger like you
thats a real compliment.
ciao bob

Newrace said...

Great Album Bob, with some very good tracks

I have the The Dagoes
live at the Marryatville SA on Tape..and a couple of EP's a good live act on their day

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks New Race,
I love that Dagoes track but I've never heard anything else, so if you find some spare time please upload what ever you thinks worth hearing
ciao bob

Newrace said...

No problems Bob, will upload on the weekend...the sound is a bit rough..but it is a rare Dagoes Live gig

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks I look forward to that
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, I played in bands in sydney around this time, the Proteens being the best known. I have lots of singles from this period to digitise. I have a great disc by 'Moving Parts' who we played with. If interested, I can upload?

see ya, Maloo

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Maloo, I'm very interested, I can post anything Australian you give me here, upload links and comments,
Hard to get stuff is really appreciated
ciao bob

Hingehead said...

I bought this when it came out (there's a foot under the sock). Shame about the zshare link being dead - kinda hoping that I wouldn't have to rip my own vinyl.

Anyway I remember seeing the Shy Imposters supporting Jimmy and the Boys at the Fairfield Hotel, and the Sunnyboys at the Curb and Gutter. And most sadly the Cockroaches in 1990 at the old Uni of Canberra bar with about 20 people in the audience, it must have been literally days before they decided they weren't going to make a living as a rock band. Always darkest before the dawn.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Back up

Hingehead said...

Belated thanks Bob - you got lost in gmail!

dexterbaxter said...

Ummm...that's Dare Jennings' right foot beneath the sticker...not mine, Mr. Sawbird (and I've never claimed that, to be honest)...Cheers, Jules

Bob Nebe said...

back up

Raga said...

Gotta love these obscure comps.

Another one I'd love to be able to listen to Bob, if you get the chance to re-up it


Bob Nebe said...

back up