Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hugh McDonald - The Lawson Album

Hugh McDonald has enjoyed a successful career as a singer,
guitarist and violinist touring Australia and the world with
one of Australia’s leading bands of the 1980’s, Redgum .
Before joining Redgum in 1981 he played and recorded
with The Bushwackers Band, The Sundowners ,
Moving Cloud and The Colonials
He also has had a successful solo career releasing 3 solo
Albums including this The Lawson Album.
For the project Hugh enlisted the help of Garth Porter,
who made his name as the keyboard player in the
Australian superband Sherbet. Not that this sounds
anything like Sherbet. Released in 1994 it predates the
John Schumann Lawson album by 12 years. A lot of this
not surprisingly sounds like Redgum, when Hugh sang of course.
Its a great little record and a fitting tribute to Henry Lawson.

Track List
01 The Faces In The Street

02 Song Of The Republic (Sons Of The South)

03 Andy's Gone With Cattle 04 On The Night Train
05 The Roaring Days
06 The Sliprails And The Spur

07 Watch On The Kerb

08 Knockin' About

09 The Sweeney (Part 1)

10 Do You Think That I Do Not Know

11 Mallacoota Bar

12 Past Carin'

13 Scots Of The Riverina

14 The Sweeney (Part 2)

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Anonymous said...

Again, thanks. But Bushwackers still rule, via their masterpiece below on your blog