Friday, July 11, 2008

Weddings Play Sports (and Falcons)

WPA were formed in 1984 in Melbourne again and split in
1998, they remain one of Australians most loved bands.
This 1990 release is clearly influenced by by fellow
Melbourne band the sports and their mini Lp I posted
below. This is a fantastic record, like the last one
which has the sports stamp all over someone else's
songs. this has the WPA stamp trademark sound
on these fantastic songs. Also covered are songs
from Jo Camilleri,s band Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons
another legendary artist from the era.

Track List
1. Reckless
2. Softly, Softly
3. Stop the Baby Talking
4. So Young
5. Strangers on a Train
6. Last House on the Left

Download Here

Weddings Parties Anything - Wide Open Road

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Hit & Run