Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Triffids-Live London Radio Broadcast June 1989

I remember when i saw the Triffids play thinking I'd
witnessed something very special, how special it
was however I only appreciate all these years later.
Often I'm disappointed by live recordings, they don't
capture the experience or the sound is less than
impressive. This recording is excellent, fantastic
sound, blistering performance and it even captures
that magic I saw those many years ago.
This recording is from the end of the Triffids career,
by the end of the year it would be over.
The only criticism I would make is its far too
short at 8 tracks, but they're 8 fine tracks.

Track List
01 - Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think
02 - A Trick Of The Light
03 - Goodbye Little Boy
04 - The Spinning Top Song
05 - Jerdacuttup Man
06 - Lonely Stretch
07 - Beginning To See The Light
08 - Fairytale Love

Download Here

I live under glass in the British museum
I am wrinkled and black, I am ten thousand years
I once lost in business, I once lost in love
I took a hard fall, I couldn't get up

I was frozen out in the lean winter years
When the dollars were few and the faces were mean
I was frozen in business and frozen in love
I took a ten minute nap, man I never woke up

Old and lonely, dirty and cold
I'm a Jerdacuttup man

The Triffids - Jerdacuttup Man


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Just letting you know I left a comment elsewhere on the site, but it seems you haven't seen it yet.

I'd appreciate it if you could send me an email as I want to send you links to some solo stuff I did after JFK:

James Paterson
Sole surviving writer of Jerdacuttup Man!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Jim I sent this email which I'll repeat below in case you don't get it.

Hi Jim, I tried emailing you earlier but it seems it didn't go through.
Sorry I'll try again hopefully this will work, My email address is and thanks so much for your input I really
appreciate it and I'm sure others do.I've seen your quite lengthy email
correspondence on the Triffids forum and your insight and memories
are fantastic.
Thanks for the solo stuff in advance I know I'm going to enjoy this
ciao Bob Nebe

triff said...

Great, I didn't have this one. Thanks !

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Great blog triff, I must link to you, I am surprised that there is anyyhing Triffids you didn't all ready have.
ciao bob

Radhock said...

Full of an energy and power I've never found in other Triffids, only in McCombe's solo album.

Bring on the Howls from others, but so be it.