Saturday, July 5, 2008

James Freud - Breaking Silence

I've had a lot of requests for this album and which appears to be
rather hard to come across. Ripped from my vinyl copy complete
with the wonderful early 80's artwork, this is a gem.
The wikipedia bio below gives you the low down on James Freud's
music career up until the breakup of the Models in 1988,
after which he released another solo album
"Step into the heat" which is already posted here.
This year he released " See You In Hell "(not called Lazarus
as I reported earlier), his first solo studio album since
'Step Into The Heat' which I hadn't even heard about until
researching for this.For more info check out his website here.

This is a fun album, very much in the early 80's New Wave genre,
the album art, which I had forgotten about made me laugh out
loud when I pulled the inner sleeve out this week
(hadn't seen sunlight for 20 years I'd reckon), I just had to include
it in this post. The hit single from the album"Modern Girl"
for which I have found the video clip, is a fantastic song.
as is "Enemy Lines,"Mean Modulator" and "19 Again"
So expect lots of 80's synthesizers, Saxophone, lead guitar
breaks and pop tunes with James's wonderful vocals.

If you like the Models you can find a rip of the cassette
version of "Out of sight, out of mind" on Meggsy's
wonderful blog "The 80's Tapes"where all things
1980's are found Here

At the age of 16, Freud formed his first band, Sabre, with
high school friend
and guitarist Sean Kelly and drummer
Ian McFarlane.
Their first performance was at Freud's
younger sister's slumber party
after hearing the Sex Pistols
in 1977, Freud formed The Spred with Kelly
and three others.
When the opportunity came to record a single

("I Wanna Be Your Baby"),later covered by Uncanny X-men ,
two members were fired and the band changed its name to
The Teenage Radio Stars. They performed the single on
By 1980, Freud was recording as a solo performer
with a backing band,
with whom he recorded a minor hit
single ("Modern Girl")
and an album "Breaking Silence"
along with a large cast of
session musicians.
In 1981, they renamed themselves
James Freud and Berlin
and recorded the singles "Enemy Lines"
and "Automatic Crazy"
before splitting up in 1982,

Freud joined the Models as bassist after the departure of
Mark Ferrie, (who now plays bass in the Rockwiz band on SBS)
reuniting with old collaborator Sean Kelly. Freud shared lead
vocalist duties on some songs, beginning with one of his
"Facing The North Pole In August" off the
"The pleasure of your company" album, recorded in 1983.
In 1985,
2 Freud-penned hits, "Barbados" and
"Out of Mind, Out of Sight",
took the Models to numbers
#2 and #1 on the Australian
top-ten charts respectively.
He remained in the band until they split up in 1988.

Track List
James Freud & the Radio Stars

"Breaking Silence" lp (1980)
1. Modern Girl
2. The Television's Hungry
3. The Saviours
4. Enemy Lines
5. Butane Babies
6. Star To Star
7. 19 Again
8. No More Telephone
9. Mean Modulator
10. Blue Moon

Download Here

Modern Girl


bazzil said...

Good one Bob, a classic. I have this one in my collection.
If you have a chance to pick up his book "I am the voice left from drinking" (I read it last year) it's a great read I'd thoroughly recommend it.


bob nebe said...

Thanks bazzil for the tip, Ill keep a look out, I did here a story james tells about seeing a oyster floating in his bloody mary and thinking one of his eyeballs had fallen in.
Theres a tip for the youngin's, too much drinking can be as bad for your mind as them heavy drugs
ciao bob

Nick said...

Thanks so much! I love this stuff!!

jeffen said...

This showed up in the dump bins of Canada (along with many gems of the era) but I never kept my $1.00 copy.

It sounds better now.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,

Finally got around to checking out what you got here, and I am very impressed and excited.

Well done

bob nebe said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, glad to be able to post a out of print album, that people are looking for,and hasn't been posted already on a dozen blogs. Good to see you here busbydaze, glad you like the blog.
ciao bob

skids said...

nice one Bob :-)

meggsy said...

Hi Bob, thanks so much for this one, I have Step Into the Heat and I will surely start trolling the stores for Lazarus.
Cheers Meggsy

Anonymous said...

Thanks a billion Bob :)

Meggsy, as far as i know you can only buy "Gates of Hell" from James Freud direct at his website .

Latest news on his website is that he and Sean are back together. Whether a new CD comes from it remains to be seen...

bob nebe said...

Thanks for the news Matt I'm going to check out his web site now
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

The new CD is called "See you in hell" not "Gates of Hell"...oops.

The news about him and Sean is on his myspace page. As compared to the other website where you can buy his CD.

There are a few good tracks on the CD "See you in hell" but it is too far a departure from his usual stuff for eighties-grounded me. On the other hand, his nineties compliation "Gates of hell" (confused? I am!) has some excellent stuff.

bob nebe said...

Hi matt this 90s comp, sounds good can you still buy it? Or can you upload it so i can post it here.
Theres a lot of Freud interest out there.I'm not after the new one,
a album released this year is far too new for me to post, artists deserve to make a living
ciao bob

Unknown said...

Even though I say it's a nineties compliation, he released "Gates of Hell" in 2007 as a prelude to "See you in Hell"*

So I think that it's not listed on his website is more an oversight than an indication that he's not selling it.

He's very friendly, I'm sure he'll give you a copy (try his myspace page). If not, let me know.

Calling it "Gates of Hell" is a definite misnomer. As well as some recycled stuff ("Son", "Postcard to Hawaii"), there's a lot of other poppy stuff on there, including one gem called "She's so weird", and "Sooner you go", which sounds a bit like "Sooner in heaven".

Plus there's "Big Mouth", which gives a possible reason why his "Big Mouth" CD was canned.

But in general, I like it a lot. Much better than "See you in hell", although there are some excellent songs there as well.

* then called Canonga Garage Band, later called Lazarus, before See you in Hell.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for this in the UK over 20 years!
Today is a very good day.
Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!! Love the song Modern Girl, can you repost the album. The link seems to be not working.

Thanks, Wave Girl

bob nebe said...

Hi Wave Girl, for someone who compliments my blog , asks so
nicely and has such discerning
taste a reup is on the way.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob!! Have a wonderful New Year and keep up the great info on great lost artists and keeping the music alive. If you would like to take a listen, I have a show on

Wave Girl

bob nebe said...

You have a great new years too Wave Girl, I like the flashback site and shall try to catch your show.
Hope James puts an appearance on your show some time in the future.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Heaps of thanks, Bob! Would like to talk to you at the West End Record Fair 4/9. Ask for "pear".

bob nebe said...

I would love to catch you but timing wise I cant I'm getting married the next day then im out of the country

islandgirl4ever2 said...

A very nice post on James F. It's just a shame that he passed away.. So young, too! We lose so many of the great ones at a young age!
I started listening to the Models when I was 19 during a tour in Oz (two months of traveling around the country).. I really LOVED them!
Unfortunately, they didn't make it over to the U.S. - I'm certain they would have been loved there in the 80s!
He was a true talent - James F!!