Friday, July 18, 2008

Xero - Lust In The Dust

Xero in 1982 moved to Sydney signing with the
M squared record label. This 12" recorded in
Brisbane was a groundbreaking and very
hip at the time record, it remains a classic.
Many Thanks to Basking Shark who provides us
with the fantastic cover scans and a nearly 9 min
Fast Forward Interview with Xero
(including tracks Girls, 24D Pelaco & Strangers,
Immigrants And Bandits)
As a special note John Willsteed created much of
the artwork on music releases (this included) and
hand-bills used to promote gigs, some of this was
exhibited as part of the Brisbane sound exhibition
earlier this year.

The lineup on the Ep was
Irena Luckus: vocals, Roland Jupiter 8 synth,
John-e Willsteed:vocals, keyboard, guitar, bass
Tony Childs: bass
Steven Pritchard: drums

The Girls
Crazy Eddie
The Misfits
Love And Anarchy
Every Kiddy Gets A Prize

Download EP here
Download Fastforward Interview Here


bazzil said...

Great Xiro posts these.
I caught them play a couple of times back years ago but I never picked up their recordings.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I saw em play at the outpost or some little place in the valley some 20 years ago,but I was there to see the support, some friends knew them.
ciao bob

Daniel said...

Wow. I had this a long time ago, but lost it somehow. Still have a rather crappy sounding copy on an old cassette. God bless blogspotters! This is great to finally have again. I saw an incarnation as Airborne Toxic Event supporting Einstuerzende Neubauten at The Metro (I think) in 1990. Used to be a close friend of Irena Luckus but lost touch in 1996. God only knows if she's still even alive...

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Glad to keep the music alive Daniel

Anonymous said...

hello daniel and bob.

yes I am alive and still recording in Hobart of all places. grea place reminds me of brisbin in the 80s.

I now call myself Sub Xero. Its just me and the Juno Stage. Peter McPherson of Airborne Toxic Event is also here reading Poetry and occassionally mussicising.

regards Irena Xero