Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Triffids - Love in Bright Landscapes

The Triffids are one of the most innovative bands to come out
of Australia. Up there with the Gobetweens for pushing musical
boundaries and taking music into new directions like few others.
I only saw them play once, it was a surreal, unforgettable
experience. The only band I've ever seen use a bubble machine
as part of the show. If you are unfamiliar with this Perth band
that existed from round 1976 to 1989, this compilation is a
fine Introduction. These songs are from my fav period of
the Triffids canon of innovative work, including such wonderful
songs as, well all of them, my special favorite is the haunting
"Raining Pleasure" which the Triffids talented lead singer
David McComb Co wrote with the also very talented
James Paterson, who has left a few fascinating comments
on this blog concerning his work in JFK and the Cuban
Crisis and offshoot projects of the Triffids.
James had a large impact on the Triffids music and
Dave's songwriting over the years

Love In Bright Landscapes is an anthology of the Triffids songs from
their album, EP and single releases in the period 1983 - 1985,
during which time the group were resident in Perth, Sydney and
London.Three additional songs from the same sources were also
included on the later CD release of the album.
The cover scans are from the vinyl copy
and the tracks are ripped from the CD version.

Raining Pleasure - David McComb and James Paterson

Trail through the wilderness
Driest season known to us
Think about you all the time
Think about you all the time
Trail through the sinfulness
Driest season known to us
Dreamed I saw it all come down
Dreamed I saw my pleasure raining down

Salty lips to taste
Skin to touch
Nothings matters very much
In your arms it's a raining pleasure
I believe it's raining pleasure
I believe it's raining pleasure

Too little cash to much time to kill
Buried alive in a shack on the side of a hill
Hasn't rained for fifteen years
Hasn't rained for fifteen years
Been three weeks I can't get through
Phone is dead Baby is that you ?
Been three weeks I can't get through
Phone is dead Baby is that you ?
Baby is that you ?
Baby is that you ?

Track List
1. You Don't Miss Your Water
2. Red Pony
3. Raining Pleasure
4. Hell of a Summer
5. Jesus Calling
6. Bright Lights, Big City
7. Rosevel
8. Property Is Condemned
9. My Baby Thinks She's a Train
10. Monkey on My Back
11. Embedded
12. Old Ghostrider
13. Madeline

Download Here

Triffids - Raining Pleasure


Anonymous said...

Outstanding post Bob, much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great post: one of the greatest groups ever. Keep up the amazing work Bob! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

The Triffids back catalog is gradually being reissued in expanded, remastered form - highly recommend checking out if you get the chance - this release won't be redone as it's a bit of a bizarre, semi pointless mixed bag... alas, "You Don't Miss Your Water" is currently unavailable anywhere.

The "Beautiful Waste" compilation is particularly bizarre and valuable. The Lawson Square Infirmary EP, included on it, is not only confronting for the rock music fan, but it has the best lyrics of any country EP/album/etc that I know.


Mr S

bob nebe said...

Hi Mr S, I would agree, I figure no one would much mind this being posted and its quite hard to find any triffids someone hasn't posted already.
I will post the fab Lawson Square Infirmary EP,will I have on vinyl,
I love it myself and maybe some live stuff
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

oops - Im too late, as the link is dead. any chance of a re-up? pleeze....

bob nebe said...

I can do mr kangaroo
ciao bob

Henri said...

A band that has some bits of early Pulp, Crime & The City Solution, The Birthday Party and Tuxedomoon here and there, can't be bad. And oh, still doing their own thing.

Thanks for introducing - been browsing through your blog since last evening and already found a bunch of new great music. I must say I'm totally into this 'Australia-sound' if I can put it that way.

Greetings from Finland!