Monday, July 21, 2008

The Systematics - My Life in the Field of Cows EP

Not much info on this fabulous Sydney post punk band,
Started by Patrick Gibson in his bedroom in Balgowlah
in Sydney's northern beaches, where he recorded the
infamous Pulp Baby. Later joined by Micheal Filewood
and Fiona Graham. Patrick also was a member of
Ya Ya Choral, Scattered Order, Loop Orchestra and
No Night Sweats. I would have loved to have heard
this stuff when it was released, this 1981 Ep came
out not so long after PIL's Metal Box Double album.
Which was and still is one of my favorite records and
my fav post punk band then was (still is) Joy Division
and just about the biggest thing here in Brisbane,
as far as musso friends went was the Birthday Party.

Track list
01 - international voltage
02 - bovine
03 - fat cows go down an eastern beach
04 - bbd

Download link below for
systematics - my life in the field of cows [ep]
Systematics - Pulp Baby
systematics - rural (12inch ep)
systematics - rural side 3 cassette

Download Here


Anonymous said...

None of your Systematics links work anymore. Any chance of a re-post. This stuff is very hard to find.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

re up with extras

Anonymous said...

wow very cool thank you! Do you know where one can find any Scattered Order?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

no sorry

andy said...

never thought i'd hear rural again
oh gosh oh golly gee
my little anomaly
my little monstrosity

Thanks Bob

Anonymous said...

Can this be re-uped? Thanks

jack said...

Reupload all releases please