Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke - Duality

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Lisa Gerrard
and the incredible career she has had to date
I've included a bio which gives you a brief rundown.
Lisa for the most part sings in a language which
comes from somewhere deep within, in a voice
which is extraordinary, she has the most
incredible range I've ever heard and truly
uses it as an instrument.This her 2nd solo
album is an amazing experience to listen to
and the song the Human Game( one of the few
she sings in English) is really spellbinding,
I've posted the video below if you haven't
heard it. I'm continuity amazed how little
recognition she receives in this country.
She is one of our greatest artists.

Over a career that takes in almost two decades with
Dead Can Dance, award-winning movie soundtracks
and a series of acclaimed solo and collaborative albums,
Lisa Gerrard has established herself as one
of Australia’s most ground-breaking and in-demand artists.
It is a musical journey that began in the early 1980s when she
and fellow Australian Brendan Perry formed Dead Can Dance,
one of the world’s most extraordinary bands.
Over nine albums between 1984 and 1995, the duo’s musical
canvas expanded with every release to take in a timeless mix
of world music influences, medieval chants, folk ballads,
baroque stylings, Celtic flavors, electronics, samples
and anything else that took their fancy.

The extraordinary mosaic of musical influences is perhaps
less surprising in the light of Lisa’s childhood in Melbourne,
where she recalls Greek, Turkish and Irish melodies
“oozing into the streets” of her neighborhood.
Since then she lived in London, Spain and Ireland
before returning to the Snowy Mountains of Australia.
In 1995 came her first solo album, The Mirror Pool
on which her stunning voice was accompanied
by the Victoria Philharmonic Orchestra.
Duality, a collaboration with Pieter Bourke followed in 1998
and again transcended musical eras and genres.
In recent years Lisa has also become a much sought-after
composer of soundtracks.
Among the films she has scored or contributed to are
Gladiator, Insider, Ali, Whale Rider, Heat, Baraka,
Mission Impossible 2, Black Hawk Down, Tears of The Sun,
Nadro, One Perfect Day, Man on Fire, Layer Cake
and El Nino de la Luna.
Lisa received Golden Globe nominations for Insider
and Ali, Grammy and Oscar nominations and a Golden Globe
award for the score of Gladiator and four international
awards for Whale Rider.

Track List
01 - Shadow Magnet
02 - Tempest
03 - Forest Veil
04 - The Comforter
05 - The Unfolding
06 - Pilgrimage Of Lost Children
07 - The Human Game
08 - The Circulation Of Shadows
09 - Sacrifice
10 - Nadir (Synchronicity)

Download Here
Part 1
Part 2

The Human Game - Lisa Gerrard


Radhock said...

Brilliant stuff. Thank you. Ambient reaches some new heights maybe. More after some more listens. - radhock

Scot of the Antipodes said...

Oh, Bob, more beard rash for you, my man. Dead Can Dance and Lisa Gerrard collection. Hypnotic and pumping like a heart beat. Lisa's voice has an inimitable transcendental quality. Brendan's lyrics are sometimes fierce, sometimes sublime. Thanks again, champion.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Scot you have a way with words alright, couldn't have described DCD better myself.
ciao bob

Catherine Todd said...

Thanks for this most wonderful and informative post on one of my favorite singers, Lisa Gerrard. More info on wikipedia and the made-up language she uses: