Saturday, August 9, 2008

David Bridie is one of Australia's most important artists, from
his ground breaking work with Not Drowning Waving,
his equally important work with My friend the Chocolate
Cake and his solo and soundtrack work.
Its his solo work I'll concentrate on in this post.
David has just released his 3rd solo Lp "Succumb" which I
haven't heard yet, but is getting rave reviews.

In mid-2000, Bridie released his first solo album,
Act of Free Choice, on three tracks collaborating again with
NDW's John Phillips, who lives in Europe and sent his
contributions via the Internet.
The brave new world of computer technology has returned
Bridie to the kind of experimental music the earlier
Not Drowning Waving had been noted for. Only now,
so much more is possible. Weaving around Bridie's voice
and electric piano are a universe of found sounds,
anything from Papua New Guinea conch shells to morse code
intercepted on short wave radio, with bass and drums
added over the top.
In 2003 he released Hotel Radio, he also released a number
of cd singles with extended remixes and new tracks todays
post is a collection drawn from these sources.
This is music that pushes into new territory, that is cutting
edge, that combines technology with world music and
Bridie's own political ideals, into something special.
Included is David and Bart Willoughby singing Bart's
classic song "Message for young and old"

Track List
01 - Dive (Marius Single Mix)
02 - Hotel Radio (radio version)
03 - Message For Young And Old
04 - Sad
05 - Nation (Of The Heartless Kind) (the ether mix)
06 - Act Of Free Choice
07 - Drive On
08 - King Bluster
09 - 15 Nuns Lie Floating In The South Pacific Sea
10 - The Koran (Royal Belleville Mix)
11 - Float FF5 Flambe Version

Download here

David Bridie - Act of Free Choice


mialee said...

Thanks for making mention of my blog and considering that of the 4 current comments, you've posted half of them - thanks. The intention is to post at random when I find the time but I certainly have a few great recordings to post although it won't be as prolific as your own.
(give me some time and I'll eventually have you singing along to the Jazz Butcher)
Now there's something to look forward to...
Anyway here's something for your audience to take note of since you haven't posted this one yourself but the following site has the last release from the Warumpi Band - Too much humbug
Once again thank for the help.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I look forward to singing along to the jazz butcher and thanks for your input here.
ciao bob