Saturday, August 16, 2008

JFK and the Cuban Crisis, Singles, Ep

As a follow on from the James Paterson post 2 posts ago,
I've got a few JFK and the Cuban Crisis rarities.
As of posting today some 42 people have downloaded
the Champagne Love Garden Demos so
I'm after any feedback, comments about the demos.
James has a bio up here where you can download some tracks
and read in more depth about his music.

First we have the JFK & The Cuban Crisis - Am I A Pagan single
their their first and only Brisbane single released after their
two cassettes, Over The Underpass and Under the Overpass (1981)
and Down And Out In Brisbane and Sydney (1982).
The single was released in March 1982.
With bassist John Downie having left to join The Kingswoods,
the recording featured Xero members John Willsteed on bass
and Irena Luckus on keyboards.

Track List
01 - Am I A Pagan ?
02 - That Alarming Sound

JFK & The Cuban Crisis - Careless Talk Ep,
this 1982 release was the first for waterfront records and is
something of a classic.

Track List
01 Texan Thing
02 I Tried Too Hard

03 Juliet Jones

04 Leaving For The Eastern Front

This 1984 release was the single from their Lp "The end of the Affair"
which includes the short but fantastic cover of the Cash song "Jackson"

Track List
01 - The Ballad Of Jackie O
02 - Jackson

03 - Texan Thing ( live )

I haven't much info or any artwork on this rare Gotham City
cassettewhich Steve has let me know came in a Batman pencil case,
but I did find the art work for this 1982 cassette
"Over the Underpass and under the Overpass"
I just don't have the music for it as well.
This contains a wonderful version of
Gotham City.

Track List
01 - Gotham City
02 - Quite like love

Download singles and ep Here


duckdogtwo said...


the Gotham City cassette came in a Batman pencil case.

Do you have the cassette JK did with Graham Lee that came in a padded post bag? This was pre Love Gone Wrong.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

In a pencil case, that would be hard to get a scan of,it must of been limited ed.If you have one Id love a photo to put up.
The cassette you refer to I do have,
I think Ive lost the padded bag however, it had lipstick kisses on it and 4 tracks done on a 4 track, I haven't digitalized it however, but I have a friend who is set up to do that, (I haven't got a cassette player any more)unless I can hook up my 4 track.
Do have the cassette done already?
If so I'd love a copy.
I will be getting copies of the other 2 JFK cassettes in the next few weeks from James so soon all their stuff will be posted.
ciao bob

Duncan said...

Here's a band I've heard about but hadn't heard so I was intrigued to be able to give them a listen - and pleased to discover I liked it. "Leaving for the Eastern Front" was reminiscent of XTC, whilst "Juliet Jones" and "The Ballad of Jackie O" couldn't help but reminding me of the Go-B's "Karen" and "Lee Remick".

It's great to see I can download their whole album from elsewhere on your blog - looking forward to listening to that too.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks duncan, thats one of the joys of the internet, being able to find something you heard about but never got to hear, pleased you like it, try the Jfk related stuff, like the John Kennedy solo stuff, Love gone wrong and Jame Paterson's Champagne love garden.And the jfk album is one of my all time fav Australian albums
ciao bob

Marcus said...

Hi there, all the links are broken - any chance these files will be re-uploaded? And since I'm asking - any Paul Kelly and the dots / coloured girls demos? Lighthouse Keepers? Eastern Dark? I'm like like a child eating candy here!!!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Marcus I shall upload again all to one spot

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Paul Kelly and the dots / coloured girls demos? Lighthouse Keepers? Eastern Dark
sorry missing these bands

Holly said...

Would love to hear the JFK & the Cuban Crisis 7''s, if you ever have the opportunity to reup. Thank you for everything!