Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Karma County - Last stop heavenly heights

When Karma County first arrived in 1995 the Australian music
scene was still in the grip of the Seattle sound.
Eyebrows were raised, when they first walked on to the stages of
indiepop strongholds like the Sando and the Annandale Hotel in
Sydney with an acoustic guitar, a double bass, not much more than
a snare drum and a box of percussion; and a voice.
However, in their own way, over the past six years,
they have waltzed their way into the hearts and minds of music fans
all over the world.
From the initial acoustic strummings of 'Postcard' to the funky
twang of "The Men Who Ran Away From The Circus"
they have ranged across an eclectic music terrain to conjure
their own sonic landscape,
lush, melodious, intelligent, emotive songs and sounds.
This Karma County's debut 1997 (now out of print) release is
pure heaven, beautiful songs, wonderful melodies,
with some of the most incredible vocals and acoustic arrangements
you will ever hear. A band many people are unaware of,
they have released some 5 albums over 11 years,
toured the world and met with wild acclaim,
truly wonderful stuff, you won't be disappointed.

Track List
01 - I took your name in vain
02 - Long distance karma
03 - Too many foxes
04 - Postcard
05 - Kiss me
06 - That man was a knife
07 - She never loved you
08 - The water moves
09 - Fifty six days
10 - East meets south
11 - Last stop heavenly heights

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much

hookfinger said...

Looks interesting. i wanna listen to it just like that "champagne love garden" you posted but I can't get the Go Betweens/London outta the player.

Thanks for the great stuff. Promise I'll listen this weekend.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Hookfinger you seem like a man who knows great music when you see it, great blog by the way, you sure get some cool concerts up your way.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

sounds a bit like Julian Cope, I'm enjoying it, thanks!

Robert said...

Great stuff.

Again, another band I've always wanted to listen to but never got around to.

My favourite ever Gobies Grant gig was a solo show he did at Ric's in Brisbane with the singer from Karma County (from memory he was launching a guitar chords instructional guide?!). They played solo, seperately, and this strange woman at the front of the room kept endlessly heckling Grant in the middle of his songs. Grant seemed to find the whole thing amusing though and would speak to her while he was playing and laughed it off.

Security ended up "escorting" her from the premises from memory.

Grant played for a long time and lots of songs I've never heard before or since. My highlight was a song he played (a 'new one' he said). I didn't catch a name, but it was a story about travelling on a Greyhound bus - does anyone know that song??? It's bugged me for years. I've got the flyer for that show somewhere. Maybe 2003???

Thanks for the Karma County stuff, would love to hear more.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I saw grant do a gig a ricks too, but there was a band and it was a big squeeze, being such a small place. It was free however and you can't complain about that. I don't know of the song you refer to, I will however post more Karma, make sure you get Olana I posted it straight after this.
Great story, I love stories about hecklers, the Ed gig last year at the Judith wright Center had this heckler that really got up Eds nose, in the end he put his hand in his pocket and said, if I give you your money back will you just #uck
off, which got a load round of applause.
ciao bob

Dave said...


I bought this album back in the day, but I haven't heard it in years. I was stoked to find it again here, but alas, I've tried and tried and Mediafire won't work for me. Any chance of a re-up?

Much appreciated, keep up the good work.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

no prob dave I'll reup her next
ciao bob

Dave said...

Excellent. You're a scholar and a gentleman.

Dave said...

Got it, thanks, legend!

Bob said...

back up