Friday, August 22, 2008

Karma County - Olana

Olana was Karma County's 2nd album released in 1998
also the second release on the now defunct TWA records.
The company pulled out all stops releasing three singles,
all with clips. There were a limited number of singles
printed, making them rare collectors items.
This is another triumph of an album, their sound matures
as they expand their horizons. Wonderful grooves, hints
of blues, alt country and acoustic splendor.
Also I believe, as a bonus Amanda Brown
of the Gob's fame guests on this CD.

Track List
01 - Told you so
02 - On the vine
03 - Good things come to me now
04 - Olana
05 - This is not the real world
06 - Looking down on cleavage town
07 - This tin stardom
08 - On the vine (slight reflux)
09 - Her mind went into the fire
10 - Away, away
11 - The short and long of it
12 - The lifesaver's love song

Download here


Anonymous said...

Lovely stuff, thanks Bob.

Does this archive have a password or is my WinRar acting funny?


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

no password I hate em, and glad you like the music
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob

I loved Last Stop Heavenly Heights, thanks, but I can't get this one off zshare. Any chance of a re-up somewhere else.

Thanks in advance, (and for educating me about Brisbane musical history, I've just moved here!)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Mr Anonymous, glad im able to educate, don't remain anonymous and feel free to contribute where you can.
Ill reup this soon
ciao bob