Friday, August 29, 2008

Louis Tillet & Charlie Owen - Midnight Rain

Louis Tillet is one of those artists that should be better known,
his rich baritone voice, his beautiful haunting songs,
unusual approach to music and his incredible piano playing,
puts him in a league of his own. Charlie Owen likewise has
carved out a career with Tex Perkins and the Beasts of Bourbon,
playing wonderful organic blues that connects with Louis both
when he's being ambient or loud,
This is a special album, originally released as a Limited Edition
of 2.000 copies, later released as a 2 CD set including tracks
from the earlier album they did together, The Ugly Truth.
A beautiful lush record that both surprises and delights.

Louis Tillett : Vocals, Piano, Hammond Organ,
Roland Synthetizer, Soprano Saxophone.

Charlie Owen : All Guitars, and everything on 5

Track List
01. Around You
02. Summer
03. Alligator Wine
04. An Ancient Song
05. Last Thing That I'll Say
06. Gloomy Sunday
07. Midnight rain
08. When
09. Clock On The Wall
10. I'm Down

Download Here


Hank said...

Thank you, wonderful stuff! I totally agree, Tillett should be better known. I have 2 of his albums, Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell and Letters To A Dream. I don't how many others - if any - he's made. Any enlightenment on that issue would be most welcome!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hank I have these
a cast of aspersions (1990)
cry against the faith(1998)
ego tripping at the gates of hell(1987)
learning to die(2001)
the ugly truth(1993)
live @ the basement (return to sender)
midnight rain(1995)

So I'm missing
The Ugly Truth (1993)with Charlie Owen
letters to a dream (1992)
The Hanged Man (2005)
and Soliloquy (2006)

Any help with missing albums from anyone will be appreciated and
I will look at posting more of those I have
ciao bob

busbydaze said...

Cheers Bob, didn't know this existed. It's a great Tillet album.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Your welcome busbydaze
ciao bob

Hank said...

Hi Bob, here's Louis Tillett's Letters To A Dream:

If you would post some more Tillett I would be eternally grateful...

bazzil said...

Thanks for this Bob,
I have a cast of aspersions and ego tripping at the gates of hell, but I haven't heard this stuff.
And thanks for telling me about the Go-Betweens on SBS, I didn't know that was on, I'll be taping that one... I don't look at the TV guide.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks hank for the link Ill post that and I'll post more tillet, he has proved popular with you guys.
Bazzil great to hear from you, a friend told me about 16 lovers lane, he even checks what songs are going to be on rage, I wouldn't have known
about it otherwise, I hope theres a few more great albums in the new series, I haven't heard what album of Nick Caves has been picked, I'm hoping for good son, or henrys dream.

djangoherbert said...
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djangoherbert said...
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djangoherbert said...

hi Bob, thanks for your help concerning the midnight rain - I managed to buy an original on ebay, (the double-cd version), as well as his "live at the basement". whenever you need something, let me know - cool greetings from hot Austria

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

That sounds great hope it didnt set you back too much, I havent seen the double version. The megaupload link here is the only one still working if you want to compare

djangoherbert said...

the double version includes "the ugly truth", which you already own...

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks djangoherbert for the info.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

thx for your site.
Any chance of re-upping the Midnight Rain album? It's the only one I do not have a CD copy of, and it's out of print now.

Anonymous said...

send a message to walterbukowski1athotmaildotcom and I'll see what I can do for you...

Bob said...

back up

Anonymous said...

Its Louis Tillett here. I have copies of Soliloquy and the Hanged Man to sell you privately, as my website is currently down. I will be doing gigs in Sydney and Melbourne in June if anyone wants to come along and pickup copies while they are there. Dates are: 7 June MEMO bar in Ackland St Melbourne, and 27 June Camelot Lounge, Marrickville. Also you can message me on Facebook. Thanks for your interest. Louis

Louis Tillett said...

Louis here. I'm about to launch a new website...where I'm offering free access to the whole collection, with all the copyright and publishing being owned by me, so no hassles for anyone. It will be It will be launched in mid-September 2017, just prior to the next Art of Darkness concert at The Factory Theatre (which is on 29th September). Hopefully it will make a lot of people happy to have it all together.