Friday, August 1, 2008

Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser

The final album from DCD is a masterpiece, earthy, organic, sensual
and beautiful, it is truly world music that transports you.
Almost tribal in its feel this record is a experience to mellow
out to. The 10 min "Song of the stars" a case in point , fantastic
percussion mixed with a simple melody and Brenden singing in
both English and Algonquin, followed by "Indus," which
has an ethereal tone that evokes the beauty of eastern mysticism,
blending into the melody of "within you without you" from the
Beatles, a nice touch and running for almost 9 and a half minutes
adds to the mediative quality these songs have.
"Song of the dispossessed" is a highlight for me, with its
South American feel and brilliant lyrics.
These guys can take instruments and parts of distinctive
musical cultures, blending them to create something that
works and stands alone as a testimony to their true talent.

Track List
01 - nierika
02 - song of the stars
03 - indus
04 - song of the dispossessed
05 - dedicacé outó
06 - the snake and the moon
07 - song of the nile
08 - devorzhum

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John said...

Dead Can Dance Bob. I am impressed. IMO one of the most important bands to ever come out of this country. Not only are they original in sound but every album is superb. I first became aware of them when seeing a movie called Baraka. The track Hosts Of Seraphim just sucked me in and I have been a huge love of DCD ever since. I had the pleasure of seeing Lisa Gerrard live about 18 months back at QPAC. Front row and centre. What a voice! What a performance! Sublime! I would pay what it took to see her again. I believe that Brendan Perry is supposed to release a solo album this year. His first since 99. As to Spiritchaser. A wonderful final album to finish a wonderful career. I have just reviewed it on my journal if you are interested.

bob nebe said...

That was at Easter wasn't it I missed it and kicked myself ever since.
Lisa is up the top of persons to see perform, fancy being front and center.A night to remember.
Brenden's last solo album was fantastic, so a new one is much anticipated.