Friday, August 15, 2008

The Go-Betweens - Caroline & I

When I saw Robert play the last night of his monumental
4 night return to performing, "The 4 ages of Robert Forster"
this song was one of the highlights.
He put down the guitar and took the mike
in hand , strutting the stage like he was at home again.
He also opened the night with "A Girl Lying On A Beach"
just him and the acoustic, before being joined on stage
by the band.
You can see a video of the performance below.
This is the wonderful 4 track cd single for
Caroline and I, a small post but very tasty.

Caroline & I - Robert Forster

Born in the very same year
Alive at a similar time

It gave me something small that I could feel
That maybe as you grew you knew how I'd feel
And Caroline & I knew how you'd feel

Rattled through our teenage years
Battled and loved who we fought

The first time you left home on your own I knew
A little bit of you is gone when you do
And Caroline & I well we grew, well that's true

Caroline & I

01 Caroline & I
02 Instant Replay
03 Taxi Taxee
04 A Girl Lying On A Beach

The Four Ages of Robert Forster - Girl Lying On A Beach

Download Here