Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Go-Betweens: Live In London

Must be time for a Go-Betweens post.
Recorded live at the Barbican Hall, London on 27th June 2004,
this out of print, but absolutely fantastic live recording is very
special indeed. Robert Grant, Adele and Glenn take us on a
journey back through the Go- Betweens recording career,
right to the start and up until 2004.

Songs that rarely are heard live are dusted off and played
with gusto. The band is on fire, the recording impeccable.
What more could you ask for, they begin with the sound of
rain, a very old track they recorded with Peter Walsh back
at the start. Theres plenty more old tracks, a couple of
obscure B-sides, including my fav "When people are dead"
Theres also a heap of there best tracks, only they didn't
do "Head full of steam", Oh well You can't have everything.

Track List
1 The Sound of Rain
02 It Could be Anyone
03 Your Turn, My Turn
04 Hammer the Hammer
05 People Say
06 This Girl, Black Girl
07 Make Her Day
08 Karen
09 Magic in Here
10 Poison in the Walls
11 Surfing Magazines
12 Baby Stones
13 Cattle and Cane
14 The Clock

01 Too Much of one Thing
02 He Lives My Life
03 The Wrong Road
04 Right Here
05 Spring Rain
06 Here Comes a City
07 Love Goes On!
08 The House That Jack Kerouac Built
09 Spirit
10 German Farmhouse
11 Bye Bye Pride
12 When People Are Dead
13 Streets of Your Town
14 In The core of the Flame

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hookfinger said...

Thank you very much for this great record..and many others!

Anonymous said...

Typical, I've just ordered this from the Go-Betweens store and now I find I could have got it here for free! You gonna put any of their other stuff up? I don't wanna do the same thing again.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

according to here
its been deleted, so lucky you can still get it, You'll have a far better copy than a brunch of mp3s.
I have posted heaps of Gobs here just search the blog, its rare, out of print and live boots, thats all I'll be posting, their official albums won't be posted here.
ciao bob

Bobby said...

Don't know how I missed this one! Any chance of a re-up?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

of course bobby
will do

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Back up

Bobby said...

Downloading now. As always, thank you so much, from one Bob to another :)

I'm going to have a trawl through my collection and see if there's anything left of note that I can contribute to the amazing SSS.

I was just listening to the gobies live in Wellington, 1985 show that was up on Misha's site a while back. Really, such a great boot and from such a wonderful period for the band (and strangely under-represented in widely-available live recordings). I find that live boots are a bit hit and miss for a lot of bands, but all these GB odds and ends from SSS and others really fill in the picture so wonderfully.

Fair winds and thanks again. :)


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thank you bobby for your kind comments and any contributions to the blog will be gratefully accepted
Live boots are a bit hit and miss but hasn't there been some fantastic Forster boots of late.

Unknown said...

Wauv I would just love to hear this live-reording!!!

Any chance of a re-up? Can't get any of the links to work!

Best wishes from Denmark!

Anonymous said...

I attended this show during a visit to London from the States. What an evening of sheer magic. A re-up would be hugely appreciated. Love the blog, and many thanks.

Bob Nebe said...

Sorry I cant find these files at the moment