Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ian Rilen and the Love Addicts - Passion Boots and Bruises

Thanks to the Ausrock forum I can finally post this
wonderful Ian Rilen album which I posted a while ago,
but was a bit defective.
Rough and ready bluesy rock from this sorely missed
Aussie icon.

Track List
01 Booze to Blame
02 Dare Ya
03 Never Fall in Love
04 Mobile Phone
05 Cold Wind Blowin
06 Inside out
07 Stringin me along
08 Happy
09 Goldmine
10 Grey Street
11 Who ya foolin now
12 Passion Boots & Bruises

Download Here


Bill.Bo said...

just 1 word: GREAT!!! your blog as well as the fine music you present.

thank you very much for the Love Addicts.

may your days be sunny : Bill.Bo