Thursday, October 9, 2008

Laughing Clowns announce Brisbane show

Fantastic news, the Laughing Clowns have announced
a gig here in Brisbane at the hippest place in town,
Goma. So who's planning on being there?

From the Laughing Clowns myspace site.

Laughing Clowns announce Brisbane show 23rd January 2009
Great news for Laughing Clowns fans in Brisbane, the band are
going to be playing the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane on 23rd of January
Conflicting schedules meant we couldn't do the ATP festival up there

Holy Joe


mr.kenneth said...

fantastic news bob!

mate ... you *know* I'll be there :)


bob nebe said...

Fine news indeed Kenneth,
I think we should all meet for a drink or so before one of these upcoming gigs.
ciao bob