Friday, October 3, 2008

Laughing Clowns Seaview Ballroom, Melbourne 12th September 1981

To celebrate the announcement of the Laughing Clowns
reformation gigs I post a wonderful example of what
they are capable of.
I have an actual date for this gig, so hopefully there will
be no controversy like there still is over the year of
the last clowns post.
This performance is in between their 1981 "Reign of Terror,
Throne of Blood" album and the 1982 "Mr Uddich-Schmuddich
goes to town." Classic Clowns and includes a blistering 12
minute "When What You See."
It sounds like a reasonable audience recording,
or maybe a down the line generation tape of a
FM broadcast.

Laughing Clowns
Seaview Ballroom, Melbourne 12th September 1981


01. That's Just The Way It Goes
02. Nothing That Harms
03. A Knife In The Head
04. Come One, Come All
05. Laughter Around The Table
06. In Front Of Your Eyes
07. Collapse Board
08. Sometimes
09. I Don't Know What I Want
10. When What You See...

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mr.kenneth said...

hiya bob ... sorry mate ... can't help you out with the missing track .., I've only ever had these 10 myself.

Will the Clowns do Brissy? I certainly hope so!


bob nebe said...

I hope so, out of all of them playing.
Hopefully Ed will want to play his home town even if it wasn't the clowns home base.
Just have to wait
the full line-up for both the Powerhouse shows and The Riverstage will be announced prior to the on-sale date of October 13th.
ciao bob

Donat said...

Are you sure there's more than 10 tracks? Mine's 10 also and it's not an audience recording - mine sounds like it's been taken off the radio and onto a tape, then onto another tape (or something). That drum solo of Wegsy's in What You See is mighty stuff.

bob nebe said...

Donat I just noticed the track listing of the actual mp3s files was wrong with a track number missing, so it is 10 tracks.
I got this recording numbered as is, with "When what you see" at the end and Ed briefly says something about this is the last song at the end of it(as if referring to the next track), the order maybe incorrect and listening to it again the muffled word after "this is the last song" maybe "Sometimes".
So no missing track just incorrect order maybe.
Its a good point about the recording source and I jumped to hastily to the audience recording option.
ciao bob