Saturday, October 11, 2008

Laughing Clowns - Everything That Flies

This rare 1982 12" single release is ripped from vinyl and the cover
art scanned from from copy and a brilliant bit of Judi Kuepper
artwork it is. This is brilliant clowns in all their glory, including
the song "Every dog has its day" with the wildest bass intro
ever, I used to have this as my mobile phone ring.
Maybe my fav clowns song, I hope they do it at the
Brisbane gig.

Track list
01. Everything That Flies (Is Not A Bird)
02. Year Of The Bloated Goat
03. Nothing That Harms
04. Every Dog Has It's Day

Download Here


Anonymous said...

the flaming hands
link don't work
maybe so late
re up possible ?
thanks in advance

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

DD, I have a new recording of flaming hands singles and live material to post, which I will do shortly, it should supersede that post.
ciao bob

staggerlee said...

hi there buddy, staggerlee from spain here, excellent blog you got, no words... as an admirer of the aussie music i say yours is a hell of blog, i found louis tillett and ian rilen, thanks a lot bob.
hey, any chances to post Tim Rogers doble cd``ghost songs/dirty ron´´ or Tex Perkins & his Ladyboyz, can´t find nowhere.
regards from europe.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Great to hear from you Juan , sorry i don't have those cds I suggest joining the Ausrock forum,the link is the 1st one in my links and ask there, also as you admire aussie music you will find loads of like minded music fans there, its a fantastic forum.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

real great news !!!!
thanks so much

( i just know jeff sullivan & steve harris play with angie pepper )


Anonymous said...

nope, download doesn't work.

Graham said...

Hi Bob
Been looking for these for awhile. Can you re-upload the links. Thanks Graham

Bob said...

back up