Wednesday, October 1, 2008

No Fixed Address - From My Eyes 2008 limited Ed

When I saw the legendary No Fixed Address play a couple of
Months ago at the Dreaming festival I picked up this.
A limited edition Cd copy, with extra tracks of the classic
Ep "From My Eyes." I've had a request for this so here
it is. This expanded version is now more like an album.
I doubt this will be commercially available and this copy
appears to be a home made job, with photocopied cover.
All the same it is a classic and is the place from which
all contemporary Australian indigenous music begins.
Check out my earlier posts on this band in the archives
if you missed them and my post on the Dreaming festival.

Track list
01 - We Have Survived
02 - From My Eyes
03 - Stupid System
04 - I Can't Stand And Look
05 - Sunrise
06 - Pigs
07 - 40,000 Years
08 - Greenhouse Holiday
09 - Stand Up

Download Here


tarago said...

Such a landmark record. Nice to be able to replace my worn vinyl mini-lp with click-free digital. And the bonus tracks are ... a bonus, Bob. Specially Greenhouse Holiday which I haven't heard in years. Used to get quite a bit of airplay on Adelaide's community radio station 5-MMM,

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No problem tarago, have you seen the post on the soundtrack to wrong side of the road, you should be able to download more of barts band there, let me know if it needs reuping
ciao bob

Jukebox said...

You are a god sir!
No sooner does my mate Pete ask me about a band he got friendly with, when he spent a year in Australia, than I find them on your blog. He's gonna be psyched. He had no idea they ever recorded anything. LOL

Wes said...

Allo' Bob
I dig your page and was thrilled o see No Fixed Address my older brother had some of their stuff years ago.
I've been trying to track down some material but its prettyhard to come by.
Do you know how I would obtain a copy of the 2008 ltd edt cd?
I rang David Briggs the old producer but he couldn't help he said try Mushroom records so I'm now trying to get in touch with Bart.
Are you able to burn me a cd-r copy? I will send you the $ fpr postage etc...

Best Wishes

Woolf said...

I grew up in a gub household under a complete denial of my paternal roots. Thankfully, my mother's boyfriend had an interset in local/alt music & he aquired a No Fixed EP. Apart from the occasional chat w/ a cupla murris @ school in classes above mine, No Fixed was my only culture fix. The EP came with an indigi-flag poster which went up on the wall alongside a nazi flag. I sought a No Fixed album for years & eventually scored the EP. After much research I realized the elusive album was the EP & side 1 of "Wrong Side" s/t compiled onto a tape. No sooner had I accepted the non-existence of the album, than I discovered that there had been an album, recently distrubuted at a No Fixed gig that I missed & unavailable elsewhere. Till I discovered your blog & my search is over. Thanks. Co-incidentally Bart came on ZZZ for an interview just as I was downloading it. Promised more No Fixed gigs for the future... dedli!

Bob said...

Fantastic news, Im happy with any gigs from Bart but No Fixed Address gigs Im very happy with!

nathalie said...

Salut, j ai connu no fixed address a Berlin, particulièrement Leslie que j ai ramener chez moi en cherche à avoir de ses nouvelles, car je ne l ai jamais oublié

nathalie said...

Je confirme

Bob Nebe said...

back up

Roots Reggae Library said...

Hello Bob,

I had no idea you had another tracklist up of No Fixed Address. Again I was very excited, but I was not able to download through any of the download sites...

Bob Nebe said...

Im not surprised its been over a year and the download links expire after 30 days of inactivity I shall re up

Bob Nebe said...

back up

Roots Reggae Library said...

Brilliant work Bob! Just downloaded it, am very content!