Friday, October 31, 2008

The Riptides - Demos

The Riptides were largely a vehicle for the immense song-writing
talents of Mark Callahan but over a career spanning 6 years from
1979 to 1983 the band also featured a number of
excellent musicians including Howard Shawcross and
Russell Parkhouse.
Parkhouse is an extraordinary keyboard player and subsequently
played amongst other bands with The Mexican Spitfires.
Callaghan went on to find commercial success with Gangajang
but the sometime surf inspired but always inspiration pop
sensibilties of The Riptides had a fun loving and naivete
which could not be surpassed.The Riptides developed a certain
cult status in their home city of Brisbane.
Even during the Gangajang years, The Riptides would
regulalry reform to do tours.
I saw them a few times in this period, the first was
the 10 anniversary gig for 4ZZZ, the buzz was
amazing and last year when I talked with Mark
he remembered ZZZ staff throwing handful's
of money at them as payment.
The Riptides performance at last years Pig City
gig here was outstanding, one of the highlights,
on a day of 8hrs of highlights.
This album is very rare, only 500 copies were
made and each individually numbered.
Mine's number 43
Fantastic piece of work however and a great
place to hear the genius of one of Brisbane's
best bands.

Track list
01 Magic Moments
02 Power of Love
03 Kiss Nice
04 Time of My Life
05 Lonely Old Sunday
06 The Other Side
07 She's My World
08 Growing Up in Brisbane
09 No Reply
10 It Happens All the Time
11 Keep it Up
12 Swept Away

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limburg said...

Hi Bob,

I discovered your blog some days ago. Simply amazing. Some of the music in this blog is hard (or impossible) to find in Europe.

I cooperate in a Garage blog called Trashsistor and I know that it takes some work to repost dead links, but I´m in the need of 4 of the records posted by you that don´t work anymore:

Please do your best. The records are all from Louis Tillet:
Learning To die
Cry Against The Faith
Live @ The Basement
Midnight Rain (with Charlie Owen)

Thanks a lot mate

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Limburg, love your blog I'll link to you and would love a link back. I can't read a lot of it but theres some great records.
Ill put louis on the list of urgent reups, but since I lost almost all links you can expect the list is long
ciao bob

Andrew McMillen said...

Hey Bob, thanks for this one. I'd really like to see some Ups & Downs featured on here! Their work is difficult to come across. Cheers!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Andrew Ups and downs is a great idea
I've got plenty so I'll do it
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Those 4 Louis Tillet albums have been reuped
ciao bob

Stathis said...


can you please repost this rare LP?

Thank you very much
Efstathiou Stathis

Bob said...

back up

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

Excellent site, with some true gems - nice work.

If there's any chance of re-upping this impossible-to-get LP that would be much appreciated.


Bob Nebe said...

back up

Raga said...

Another one I'd love to hear if you've still got a copy of it, Cheers Bob!

I'd love to host them on my blog if I get around to reusing it, if that's okay with you? Thanks once again!

Bob Nebe said...

Back up