Monday, June 29, 2009

The Cutters - More Than Fire/Television Mercy

From Chucks remarkable record collection we have The Cutters,
a Brisbane Band from the 80's and their 1988 single.
Not a band I know much about except that the keyboard player
is indeed the same Andrew Barlett who became a senator
and went on to lead the Democrats.
Phil Monsour who went on to other bands such as
Carousel, consisting of Chrysalids guitar Graham Jackson
and Cutters bass player/vocalist Ross Mckinnon.
He is still performing and recording, you can read all
about that Here

Thanks Chuck this is a gem.

“In Brisbane during the 70s and 80 radical politics
and alternative music
were joined by the umbilical
cord of community radio station 4ZZZ.

It was never clear whether the politics lead,
or music to politics
led to music, but by one route
or another many artists,
including Philip Monsour,
found themselves both of the airwaves

and on the picket lines”
“The (temporary) closure of ZZZ prompted the Cutters’
Mighty Boy single “Times Like These” another
example of Philip’s
capacity for anthemic political song

Green Left Weekly February 17 1993

Download Here


John said...

I finally got around to getting this yesterday. I had not heard it for years. As to Phil Monsour I have seen him live once or twice over the years and he is a very good singer songwriter. He had a spell in local bush/pop/folksters Popproperly. Prior to his arrival in that band, the original line up had a brilliant Sunday afternoon residency at Doolly's in the Valley. I have their first ever EP and I will, later in the week get it through to Bob. A nice little curio that would be out of print now.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

There is a name I have heard for years john, I'm sure i saw that band a few times, I shall love to hear that ep.


hey! great single!! thanx!!

Ross McKinnon said...

Hey that's cool, stumbling across a page with More Than Fire single sleeve on it, I remember us sitting in someones flat, madly glueing those covers together - (that's what poor unsigned indie bands did in those days). And I also remember freaking out when we started getting reports back from local record shops that the covers were coming unstuck on the shelves - that's what you get for buying cheap glue I guess..... Oh the memories....