Monday, June 22, 2009

The Saints - 1,2,3,4 EP

It was in between the legendary I'm Stranded and the fine
follow up Eternally Yours that the Saints released this
brilliant, classic EP. With 2 new tracks, both covers and
2 tracks lifted from Stranded the sound is much the same
as the first album. For my money Lipstick is a excellent
choice, there's something perverse about Chris singing
those lyrics and believe it or not the first time I
heard River deep was this version and that just spoiled
me, I could never take Ike & Tina seriously after that.

Thanks be to Chuck for sending me this and
kicking my blog posting butt into action.

Track list
01-lipstick on your collar
02-one way street
03-Demolition Girl
04-River Deep, Mountain High

Download Here


John said...

Yeah great e.p. I got this on release though I think I had a Harvest import as it did not have a printed sleeve. I wonder what I done with it? A lot of my vinyl has disappeared over the years when I have moved house, given them away etc, More fool me!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I managed to hang on to my vinyl, I just wish I had bought a few more of the impossible to get records

chuck said...

hi John, here is a link that shows the known pressings of saints stuff; of interest here being the 1234 pressings... this one ive uploaded is the 2 X 7" harvest import, although sadly my copy has only one of the singles.

plenty of good info on this site.

John said...

Cheers Chuck. I have just had a think and I think I had the following.

(I'm) Stranded / No Time 7"AUS EMI 11346, 24 January 1977 NS

One Two Three Four 7" UK Harvest HAR5137, November 1977 PS
(Lipstick On Your Collar / One Way Street // River Deep, Mountain High /
Demolition Girl)

(I'm) Stranded LP AUS EMI EMC2570, February 1977

Eternally Yours LP AUS Harvest SHSP4078, May 1978

Prehistoric Songs LP FRA Harvest 2C 068 07483, 1981
This one is odd in that the link you gave gives a FRA copy as he only release. I have to presume that that is what I have/had. I may still have some of them packed away somewhere but I am not going to unpack and look. Why disturb the cockroaches LOL.

I replaced the (lost) vinyl with Wild About You 2xCD AUS Raven RVCD-107. For those who wish to have the entire Kuepper/Bailey recordings this is the beez kneez. All known recording as far as I can tell.

I notice that he needs The Leftovers - Cigarettes And Alcohol 7" in sleeve; I have/had this with the wording rubber stamped on the white sleeve "the fucking leftover hate you".

Just to add another bit of news I am a big big BIG fan of NZ icon Chris Knox. For mine the NZ equivalent (culturally) of Ed. He has sadly had a stroke at the young age of 56. If any of you Sunlight readers are unaware of the remarkable Kiwi musician I recommend him. He has a long and amazing career and may be remembered for "Not Given Lightly" a song given good play by 4ZZZ. May he get well soon and make more glorious music. Give me a few days and I will upload a link. He is far from out of place on this blog even though he is from across the pond.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Excellent John, I'm not that familar with Chris Knox so please educate me,
I do post NZ bands artists here as well so I'd love to hear what you have to say about any uploads you send this way and do a Chris Knox post