Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Melanie Oxley and Chris Abrahams - Blood Oranges

The 5th and most wonderful studio album from 2 of
Australians most consistently hard working, solid
musician/vocalists. What a combination, you can
read a review from the age here

Blood Oranges is the fifth release for the luminous
partnership of
Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams.
Offering a distinct change in direction,
from their acoustic studio album Jerusalem Bay
four years ago. Blood Oranges is more in
the melodic pop vein of their
earlier records such
as Welcome to Violet & Resisting Calm.

Blood Oranges is possibly the most studio savvy
album the pair has
produced and from the filter
swept, reggae tinged opener "Get Me So Far"
to the
last track, the ominous "Time Empty Away,"
the production is
inventive. Melanie's smoky vocals
together with Chris's distinctive
keyboard etchings
create the sparse yet brutally intense music that
is so
unique to this partnership.
Coloured by a strange,
at times dark playfulness, Blood Oranges is
throughout with classic sounding songs drawn from
a number
of pop influences. The twelve new songs are
lyrically thoughtful,
deceptively simple and gently twist
their way through the melodic
and the irrational.

Track List
01 Get Me So Far
02 What's This Daylight
03 She's Got The Right To Remain Silent
04 Troublemaker
05 Cruel To You
06 Ladder
07 Blood Oranges
08 Animals
09 A Better Tomorrow
10 If I Let It Go
11 Salt Finger
12 Time Empty Away

Download Here


John said...

Looking forward to this Bob. Thanks for D/load.

bob nebe said...

Your welcome John, I( have a few more from these guys

John said...

Fine album this. Salt Finger is a great song.

Picked up Louise Tillett's The Hanged Man in a bargain bin today for $4.95.

bob nebe said...

You have to rip that one john and send me a link. I haven't got that!

John said...

Consider it done. Give a few days.

bob nebe said...

Fantastic john thanks

John said...

Here it is Bob.

bob nebe said...

Thank you john you are fantastic,
I shall post soon

triff said...

Hi Bob,

Just to let you know that people can find the Resisting calm EP here.



bob nebe said...

Thanks Triff

Unknown said...

you can find coal here ...

and some other nice aus stuff

Afterlife said...

any chance for a 320kbps re-up on this?

bob nebe said...

Nope I only have it in 128 kb