Monday, June 1, 2009

Laughing Clown - Article, Sonic magazine 1981

Chuck who to this blog is like Robin is to Batman,
if I was Batman that is, sent me this fabulous news
and an old Laughing Clowns article from Sonic Magazine
back when they were just starting out in 81.
Great read, Thanks Chuck.

Laughing Clowns recorded live at GoMA Jan 2009

this concert is now available as a legitimate recording on
prince melon records.... thank you / thank you / thank you
Ed for releasing this great gig... although this recording i
made is interesting to me ... it has many faults of an audience
recording (crowd noise.. distortions etc) , im thrilled to bits
to get a chance to get a clean recording of this great gig.
$10 ffs why wouldnt ya !! available by mail for overseas ppl
viva le blog !!

Download Clowns Sonic Article Here


stan said...

If you're an eMusic user, the first five bootleg series are available for download there. Excited about No 7, obviously, but what is No 6?

Best as always,