Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Louis Tillett - The Hanged Man

John a regular reader and contributor here a the Striped Sunlight
blog recently picked up this album in a bargain bin for $4.95.
That is a bargain but I'm wondering what kind of record shop
puts such an album in the bargain bin.
This 2005 release from the much underrated Louis Tillett is
his usual brilliant stuff.
Thanks John for ripping and sharing.
Oh and bargain hunting.

Track list
01 Four Walls And No Back Door
02 Ocean Bound
03 Through The Dream
04 Prayer Before Dawn
05 Around You
06 Bitter Pill
07 It's All Right Now
08 Back From The Sea
09 Teary Eyes

Download Here




John said...

This just gets better with each play. Indeed a bargain.

Hank said...

Thank you very much Bob and John!