Monday, June 29, 2009

Tims Exclusive Andrew Pendlebury Interview

Fabulous Tim who runs one of the greatest blogs on the net,
found here, has as a stripedsunlight exclusive and knowing
what a fan I am, interviewed the one and only Andrew
Pendlebury. It happens he knows Andrew quiet well and
Tim is a natural interviewer. Move over Molly is what
springs to mind. The icing on the cake however is the
signed record cover which I will have hang on my wall
when I get it. I'm stoked, a fabulous surprise.
I will have to finish digitalizing the said album now
so I can post it.
Andrew talks about many things, including the great news
that the Slaughtermen are playing in Melbourne in Sept.

Here's a few things Tim had to say about the interview.

At the beginning he talks about the Hendrix roadie @ Stiff,
That was DAVE ROBINSON who is still alive but based in
Nashville...when the tape was turned off he said that he had
recently got in touch with Stiff and didn't know that DR was
still alive, Andrew says I say I can help fill in
any stuff. There were a lot of names that I didn't know in the
Oz music scene that maybe you do know...
He relaxed so much more after it was it turned off and we
talked about john Martyn, Nick Drake his land in Greece,
Rembitika (!) music and lots more...sorry it was off.

Thank You Tim

Download Here


Mona said...

Looks much better than I deserve, sorry didn't get more photos...the blog has kept me a bit busy these last couple of weeks!
Dole money tomorrow and album sleeve on it's way to you then!
PS: I hope that you haven't blown my cover! (LOL!)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I was thinking you could change your nick to "Molly"

Bobby said...

Fantastic stuff with this interview. A scoop!

I'm also loving the run of 80s Brisrael 7 inches. Such a perfect format for what was being made at the time: short, immediate and fleeting (in a positive way).

Thank you as always for the brilliant blog.


P.S. In an unrelated note, I've started a possibly short-lived blog of photos I've been taking in my newly-adopted South-Of-Brisbane (aptly S.O.B.) suburb of Northcote, Vic. at

I'm sure I'll start using some SSS-esque tunes in the coming weeks (I'm thinking maybe some of the master; A.Pendlebury).

Thanks again.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Bobby, great to see your blog I shall be linking to you, its a really interesting idea for a blog and original.

Mona said...

Well FYI "Exile's' HQ is in N'Cote, well Fairfield actually, maybe we will have to meet up at the Social Club for a beer!