Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Five Minutes - 7" Single How?/Reaction Time

I do so love this band, great sound so I'm very pleased to
post this single.

This 5 Minutes
were an interesting part of the Brisbane Punk
which developed in the late 1970's and early 1980's.
The mostly three piece played at every major venue at one time
or another.
The band was a regular item at the X-Roads Club,
at the Atcherley Hotel
and later at The Purple Hearts Scooter
Club, at the Australian National Hotel.

The original music tended towards a more "jazzy" or "funky" feel.
Tony could also come across all "moody", if he chose.
They also played interesting cover versions of Steve Harley
and Cockney Rebel's Come Up and See Me (Make me smile....)
Lulu's To Sir With Love, and Elvis Presley's Occupation GI Blues.

The 7" Single How?/Reaction Time reached number 81 on the
4ZZZFM Hot 100 for 1983. It reached number 80 in 1984.
After playing about most venues for a couple of years,
the lineup started to change often.
Various members continued making music in such bands as
DogFishCatBird, then Small World Experience.

All Thanks to Chuck for ripping and sharing this little beauty.
Stay tuned there's a heap more to come from Chucks expansive

Download Here


Garageland said...

many, many thanks for posting, greetings to chuck? i'm waiting for more

John said...

Onya Chuck. Keep the good work up.

shishkin said...

fab tune - i haven't played the 7 inch in years - i reckon i'm going to have to put it on - didn't it have an outrageous wah wah guitar bit at teh end??

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sam said...

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peter jetnikoff said...

Thanks for posting. So good to hear this again. I made a video for this song which we shot mostly at One Flat Gallery in the city (George or Roma St?). My own copy suffers from damage to the original videotape. Maybe put a call out to someone who has a cleaner copy.

peter jetnikoff said...

Here's the clip I made for the song. This is very glitchy but I've lost touch with the original elements and this is the only edit I have. I'll see about improving it but for now at least something's available.


peter jetnikoff said...

Oops, might be helpful if I left a link. The Video of How can be found here: