Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shane Howard - Back To The Track

Many thanks to the wonderful Chuck who has ripped his vinyl
copy of Shane Howard's out of print first album.
I going to see Shane tomorrow night at the dreaming festival
so I'm excited to hear this
Thanks Chuck.

Track List
01 - Back To The Track
02 - Big City Blue
03 - Brothers and Sisters
04 - Come On Make Me
05 - Just a Feeling
06 - Long Way Away From My Country
07 - Make No Mistake
08 - Mother Earth
09 - One Eye Johnny

Download Here


chuck said...

no problem batman,in helping the almighty blog.... the track listing is not in order by vinyl listing here tho, but in aplha as i sent it... this should correct itself in most players as track listing is correct in metadata ;) back cover also in metadata...
all hail the blog !

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Chuck, not get yourself up to the dreaming festival this weekend

Anonymous said...

Shane Howard a great talent never rewarded like he should have been!!

Anonymous said...

This album was in fact also released on CD, although very rarely found these days.

Charlemagne Karl der Grosse said...

Who played what on "Back To The Track" and "Mother Earth" ?

(I bought that excellent single as soon as it came out in 1988.)

Bob Nebe said...

that Im afraid I cant tell you OI have never seen the actual album, hopefully one day

craaft said...

Please, reup this very rare album. Thanks.

max said...

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max said...

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