Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The End - 7"single - My Confession / White World

Chuck has pulled out this rare and historic single
from Brisbane band The End, a band which was
the forerunner to Died Pretty. It is said Ron Peno
was a fan and was constantly telling them what
they needed was a great singer and that would
be him.
Thanks Chuck for making this available to the

Below is from the Citadel Records site here

Also playing around the Brisbane traps at the same time
was a young band called The End. Guitarist / singer
Brett Myers was a Velvet Underground devotee who had
formed The End during February 1979 specifically to
fulfil his desire to play a heavily VU-influenced
brand of music. Alongside Myers, the original End
line-up comprised Andrew Massey (bass), Murray Davis
(keyboards) and Colin Barwick (drums).
Massey was soon replaced by Jonathan Lickliter.
Myers tastes were broad and as well as the Velvet
Underground, The End covered songs by Wire,
New York Dolls, The Stooges, Destroy All Monsters,
Eno, The Feelies, Pere Ubu and The Ronettes.
Myers also contributed a small but steadily
increasing number of original songs that eventually
included 'Birthday Boy', 'Just Skin', 'Lost',
'Through My Heart', 'White World' and 'My Confession'.
Although gigs around Brisbane were few and far between,
The End built up a cult following playing alongside the
likes of The Go-Betweens, The Riptides, Razar,
The 31st, The Apartments and Fun Things.
In September 1981, The End issued the single
'My Confession' b/w 'White World' (EMI Custom 13199)
in a pressing of only 300 copies. The single was a
moody evocation of the future Died Pretty sound with Myers'
resonant guitar lines and Davis' spooky keyboard fills.

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duckdogtwo said...

Nice one Bob. Love these two singles. Have a recording of The End at the Brisbane Hotel, 1979 if you're interested.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Duckdogtwo, glad you like.
I'd be very interested in a live recording of the end, Im sure a few reader would be too.
Chuck was after a cassette they did as well, not sure if it was released however.
But a end show would be fantastic thanks

chuck said...

the end live... fuk yeah !!!

Sam said...

Greetings From California.
Just discovered your blog whilst looking for a track called "The World's Got Everything In It" by a band called Uncle Bill.
Could not find Uncle Bill here or anywhere but did run across the Ross Wilson recording of it from 1994.
Speaking of Ross Wilson, do you happen to have either the Daddy Cool 3-CD box called 'Totally Cool' from 1992 or the 2-CD 'The Essential Daddy Cool' from Sony from a year or so ago?
These were, of course, never released in the USA. In fact, there were only two Daddy Cool albums released here and both of them have been out of print for more than thirty years.
Also, though not from Australia, do you have Split Enz 'Rootin' Tootin' Lutin Tapes'? This is something else that never was, and never will be, released in the USA.
Best Stereophonic Regards.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Sorry Sam I havent got any of those but in my links at the top is the ausrock forum, join up and try there they will be able to help

Jos said...

I'm glad I found this, I'm looking for this single for a long time! Apparently there's another single by The End called 'Rockin In Hell / Victimised', anyone has a copy of that one??

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Not me Jos, but someone else may out there!

chuck said...

who's who of aus rock lists another End band possibly from melbourne with a single Rock in Hell released may1980
It lists 2 members - A. Johnson and A.Duda and the band time as 1979-80...

hope that helps Jos..
never seen the single or the band reference b4 myself.

Anonymous said...

any chance of re-posting this?? I sadly missed it and after hearing a collector friend rave about it I'd love to get to hear it

Bob said...

back up

Holly said...

Many, many thanks!

Anonymous said...

the End, the go betweens, the fun things - all started in the suburb of the Gap?? Andrew ross