Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where Joy Kills Sorrow - Various Artists

A request from Sam from the States has me posting this out of print
but wonderful album. Some fantastic artists, many whom
I have posted on before and a great follow up to the
Man in Black show that I saw a couple
of weekends ago

Where Joy Kills Sorrow has achieved a kind of legendary status.
It features Australian rock singers - famous, infamous and unknown,
singing country songs of the finest order (if a little obscure).
Tex (Greg) Perkins, Mick Harvey, Paul Kelly, Renee Geyer,
Dave Graney and Clare Moore, Matt Walker, Robert Forster,
Joel Silbersher, David McComb, Vika and Linda Bull, Uncle Bill,
Warren Ellis and his father John -
they all turn in amazing performances.
It's one of those CDs that has a life of its own and has been selling
steadily since its release in 1997 largely through word of mouth.
A slice of history as well as a great CD.
If you want to hear Warren Ellis from the Dirty Three sing
(!!) get this record.

Track List
01. Just A Little Bit Of Rain-Mick Harvey
02. When Your Tired Of Breaking Other Hearts-Joel Silbersher
03. I Scare Myself-Renee Geyer With Uncle Bill
04. Yellow Roses-Greg Perkins
05. The World's Got Everything In It-Uncle Bill
06. Mis'ry Is My Middle Name-Warren And John Ellis
07. The Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness-Robert Forster
08. Thanks A Lot-Paul Kelly With Uncle Bill
09. Duchess-Bruce Haymes
10. If You Don't Want My Love-Rob Snarski With Matt Walker
11. I'd Rather Be Sorry-Vika And Linda Bull
12. The Way You See Me-Chris Abrahams And Melanie Oxley
13. Still Alive And Well-David McComb
14. When I Dream-Matt Walker And Ashley Davies
15. This Is Forever-Dave Garney And Clare Moore

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob
I remember when this CD came out. I was working in a record store here in the states and a fax came through with all these great Australian releases on it.I ordered this album along with Weddings Parties Anything's Riveresque and You Am I's Hourly Daily.

I was really excited about the other two albums because they were by bands I loved. But what amazed me was how much I ended up listening to Where Joy Kills Sorrow the most.

After twelve years I still listen to it and it still holds up nicely. It doesn't have that outdated sound. A timeless recording indeed.

That was a really nice gift you just gave us readers. And for that I say....
Thank You


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Your welcome Chris, its always good when I have a request and its ready to go

Anonymous said...

Greetings Once Again From California.
To begin with, Thank You Very Much for finding and sharing this 'Where Joy Kills Sorrow' album.
It is every bit as wonderful as we had been led to believe. In some ways, even more so.
This was very, very kind of you.

At the risk of daring lightning to strike twice (or thrice), we have another request/question.
Do you happen to have either or both of the following DADDY COOL albums?
'The Essential Daddy Cool' as shown in this US Amazon entry:
or the long out-of-print 1992 3-CD box set called 'Totally Cool' that was released on Mega Records?
The last DADDY COOL album to be released in the USA was 'Teenage Heaven' in 1972. And while the 'Daddy's Coolest' 20-track compilation is around, finding anything with deeper album or singles tracks is quite elusive.

Thanks Once More for 'Where Joy Kills Sorrow'.
Best Uncle Bill Regards,

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Sorry No daddy cool, Anyone else?

barkingdog said...

Many thanks for this.

And Sam try here -

Cheers...the dog

Anonymous said...

Greetings Mr The Dog:
Thank You Very Much for the suggestion.
I have all of the appropriate musical fingers crossed with optimistic anticipation.
Best Hopeful Regards,

Bobby said...

Brilliant. I've been looking for this one for a while. As ever, SSS comes up with the goods.

Thanks to all.

TheeMidnightCreep said...

Wow, thanks...I love this record esp. Warren Ellis and his dad and the Greg Perkins...really excited about the bonus disc, I bought the cd online but it didn't come with.

Also I have a request for the Beautiful Kate Soundtrack. I love Tex when he's not being a smart-ass a lot better and aussi stuff is tough to get in the US. And I'd still love to hear a Gareth Liddiard solo set some day.

Anonymous said...

Greetings From California:
Mr The Dog's suggestion did indeed point the way to people who, quite happily, have all of the DADDY COOL recordings - including 'The Essential Daddy Cool' - anyone could want.
Thanks Once Again To All for the help.

And whilst still pondering Ross Wilson, does anybody have, or can anyone point me to, the MONDO ROCK album titled 'Why Fight It?' from 1990. This, of course, never came out in the USA.

Best Stereophonic Regards,

Dan said...

haha just found this blog via my search for john prine singing 'speed of the sound of loneliness'...
damn right it was a great album and mine was scratched beyond repair a few years ago...
i have my melbourne team desperately searching for another copy for me...great album and its a crime its outta print eh?

Anonymous said...

A re-up would be appreciated beyond words.

Bob said...

back up

Anonymous said...

Bob - Any chance of another re-up. All the URLs are dead.
Thanks a million

Bob Nebe said...

back up

Anonymous said...

How does one download from the link? I have no idea, just goes to another site with popup ads... I would love to hear this album. Thanks for any help.

dooden said...

Oh I had this glorious CD once - and the links are dead. Pretty please for another re-up?? Great blog here, thanks!

Amish Nazi said...

Hi Bob,

I see you've originally provided links to the 'Where Joy Kills Sorrow' compilation back in 2009. Since then it's been re-upped a couple of times, but the links are unfortunately dead again.

Is there any chance a fresh link can be provided for 'Where Joy Kills Sorrow'?

Cheers TAN