Tuesday, October 13, 2009

No Dance - Carnival of Souls, ep

Described as an acoustic, studio side project put together by Damiem
Lovelock while his band the Celibate Rilles was taking a break.
Damien along with Louis Tillet and Brett Myers recorded this
3 track ep which includes a very early version of Just Skin,
a song from the end repertoire and later part of the Died Pretty
canon. It seems each person provided one song to the project,
the Louis song Swimming in the mirror was later released on
the excellent hot records compilation High Temperature,
that I posted last year here

Thanks again to Chuck and his fabulous record collection.

Download Here


Anonymous said...

Thanks alot 4 this 1 Bob it's choice. You wouldn't happen to have Damien Lovelocks single of Disco Inferno would you? I would absolutely kill for a good quality rip of it.
Anyway cheers great blog

bob nebe said...

Not me I didnt know hed covered that, sounds very funny.
That is if its the same song.
Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

Its actually the coolest version of Disco Inferno I have ever heard. He had David Bowies "Tin Machine" band playing back up for him. You can buy it on iTunes it does state it is iTunes Plus quality but unfortunately its a crappy 128Kbps version that sounds like it was mastered underwater. If anyone has a good rip of this I would sell my nanna 4 it....

heres a link to the video clip 4 it :


bob nebe said...

That was good, its supposed to be on wig wig world, which I thought i had, but havent found it yet

Unknown said...

garageland has wig wig world, but no disco inferno listed on cover art.. maybe its on a (possible)cd extended version and not on vinyl version.. hmmmm scares me with just the concept,, ill have to wait a few days to get the courage up to check that utube link...

Nostros said...

Damn, a long forgotten classic ...thanks for the memories.


John said...

Well done chuck.

Gotta admit that I only knew Swimming In The Mirror from Louis Ego Tripping album. Wonderful song but then what is not a wonderful song when the criminally under-appreciated Louis is involved.

Speaking of the great man his web site is back up and has a rather cryptic message as follows "September 18, 2009
It's been a long time and Louis has been on many adventures. More will be revealed but the immediate news is that Louis is planning to return to playing live music soon with gigs in Melbourne and Sydney.

Stay tuned or join the mailing list for more news in the very near future"

Let us hope.

stoeffer said...

hello down there..
brussels,belgium calling !
listen,would you believe I heard that awesome piano part from "swimming.."as background score for a thing about bobsleigh in Vancouver, on belgian tv !
my guess is :
the sound engineer must love this single as much as I do..and..
must have bought it from the import records store I used to run for some 30 years.
..'later folks !

jean louis from La Strada